Misconceptions About Remote Staffing Agencies

Misconceptions About Remote Staffing Agencies

Office walls once echoed with collaborative discussions, but now those conversations have found a new venue: home desks. Remarkably, 16% of global companies are now fully remote, with the IT industry leading the trend in 2023. More companies are choosing to hire remote developers and remote staff. Yet, as this shift occurs, the debate about its efficacy deepens.

While Disney's Bob and Morgan Stanley are still waving the office flag, the musk (oh yes, that musk who shoots cars into space) is on board with the "work from anywhere" vibe! Outsourcing is like the fidget spinner for businesses. Everyone is talking about it, but only some truly get it.

Outsourcing: Is it all about the coffee talks?


You know the hiring complexities if you have ever hired employees for your project. Recruiting employees is a bit like dating, sometimes magical, sometimes.... let's just call it educational. Outsourcing is getting the expert to do a specific job. For example, have you ever thought of handing this dating game to someone else, probably your colleague or a matchmaking agency? But fear of a potential blind date giving you cold feet? Or are you suspicious that hiring agencies might be swiping left on your cash? Or could no one hire the best match as you do for your company?

Let's clear the air! This blog will tackle some common myths when you are hiring remote staffing agencies, from cost to their matchmaking methods. If you have a query outside our little advising blog, Give us a line! Our team, always ready with a toolkit (or at least some recruitment tips), is eager to assist.


Companies that are using remote staffing are typically less established

Top-tier companies like Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, and Chase are great examples to clear this misconception about the remote jobs staffing agency. They don't limit their talent pool by geography. Instead, they tap into global expertise global expertise, assigning everything from backend tasks to direct client engagements to their offshore teams. Even when small businesses use remote staffing, it is not about cutting costs; more often, it is about scaling and boosting their capabilities—a nod towards operational excellence.

The survey from Clutch showed that 80% of small businesses were jumping on outsourcing in 2021. Whether it's digital marketing or human resources, SMEs all are in. So, when you see a company going to the remote route, know they're thinking big in strategy and impact.


Hiring a remote staffing agency is more expensive than hiring on your own

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Yet the truth is: Collaborating with a savvy tech staffing agency can be your golden ticket to budget-friendly recruitment.

Staffing agencies are like the wizards of the hiring world. Conjuring up the perfect matches faster than the traditional hiring departments. Each day a role remains unfilled, your company's efficiency dips, causing potential losses that can hover around $300-$600 daily. A quicker hiring process, courtesy of these agencies, equals tangible savings.

Consider the cost factors linked with casting your hiring process. Promoting the role, job board fees, career expos, etc. With a staffing agency on board, these expenses dissipate into the air. In addition, a remote staffing agency liberates your schedule, enabling a laser focus on tasks that boost revenue for your company.

Imagine redirecting that saved time into strategies and projects that amplify your earnings. The potential rewards? Simply priceless!


I will lose control of my Business with the remote staffing agency

Not quite! 49% of the companies outsource to focus on their core stuff. It's like having a babysitter. You get a night out, and the kids (your projects) are in good hands. With regular check-ins and solid communication, you will be in the know.


Remote staffing agencies work with cheap-quality candidates

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You might wonder why a top-notch needs a recruiter. Shouldn't companies be chasing them? Even the crème de la crème candidates seek discretion. In a nutshell, hiring can be a piece of cake or a recipe for disasters. However, Deloitte's Outsourcing Survey found that 80% of enterprises were satisfied with their outsourcing setup. Many talented candidates don't want their current employer to know they are looking elsewhere. That's a big reason they turn to staffing agency for remote jobs. Furthermore, utilizing a remote jobs staffing agency can be a strategic approach to connect talent from rival companies, which might otherwise be hesitant to engage in direct conversation.

Some remote developers are not actively job-hunting but are open to reasonable offers. They are estimated to be 70% of all workers worldwide. Without a recruiter's network, reaching these prized candidates would be tricky.


I have an Hr. Department, so I don't need a Remote Staffing Agency

In the best-case scenario, the best staffing agency for remote work is an extra hand for your Hr. department. Instead of replacing them, a recruitment agency enhances your HR's performance allowing your team to direct its energies to significant tasks like shaping company culture, retaining top talent, launching programs for happier employees, and encouraging training and diversity. We, your trusted remote staffing partner Aspired, believe in nurturing enduring long-term relationships that only become productive over time.


All recruiters just wanted to pack as many positions as they could

This is true that there are a few rogue recruiters out there tossing candidates into roles like confetti at a parade with no regard for their genuine aptitude. But remember, not every fruit in the basket is rotten. No two staffing agencies function the same way.

A reputable staffing agency for remote work prudently limits its assignment to ensure it can truly focus on each role's distinct demand. Many agencies earn these fees as a percentage of a candidate's compensation. Therefore, when recruiting for a top-tier position with an attractive pay package, the recruiter's wallet says, Let's find the perfect match rather than flood the gates.

Before you partner with a staffing agency, inquire about their ongoing projects. Delve deep into their fee models to ascertain the best Structure suited for your hiring needs.

Collaborate with Elite Staffing Experts

There are many misconceptions surrounding the concept of remote staffing agency, often influencing crucial business decisions. These misunderstandings arise from unfamiliarity and lack of experience. But one must experience it firsthand to understand it truly. Embracing remote work, regardless of its label, represents a commendable and forward-thinking approach.

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