How Can Dedicated Remote Developers Reduce Development Cost?

How Can Dedicated Remote Developers Reduce Development Cost?

Developing a specialized software solution for your company can be an expensive endeavor. The high costs can be overwhelming, especially if you are a small business owner or a start-up. But what if I told you that there is a way to not only reduce the overall cost of your project but also enjoy additional benefits such as greater flexibility, a greater focus on business, and access to a diverse set of skills.

You may wonder what this panacea could be. It is very simple actually: hire dedicated remote developers.

Your next question may now be: Why would it make sense to hire remote workers? The points below should give you a better understanding of why hiring a team of dedicated remote developers may be a good idea:

Remote teams are being leveraged across the board

You are not the only company trying to cut costs by hiring a team of remote developers. In 2019, the global IT outsourcing market was valued at USD 333.7 billion, with a projected increase to USD 397.6 billion by 2025. So, rest assured, it is a tried and tested technique being used by numerous companies around the world.

Shortage of technical expertise

The world of technology is incredibly fluid. One is constantly witnessing rapid changes. This is why it is critical that your developers are familiar with all of the latest technologies and tools related to the project. However, having all such resources at your disposal is not always possible; hence this need may be fulfilled by dedicated remote developers.

Projects with evolving scope

Many times, a company is unable to adequately define the scope of a project. The project’s constantly evolving scope can seriously escalate the time and cost involved in the software development process. You can effectively eliminate cost variances by hiring dedicated remote developers at fixed lower costs. All you have to do is pay the dedicated remote developers a fixed salary for the number of hours they work. In addition, remote developers provide project flexibility, allowing you to easily make changes to the project requirements.

Miscommunication as a problem

One of the primary causes of project failure is a breakdown in communication between the manager and the developer. There may be too much communication, a lack of it, or even micromanagement; any of these can be fatal to your project. This is where remote development firms can excel because they are known for ensuring seamless communication.

Utilization of latest technology

Software development is a constantly evolving arena with many platforms, modern technology, and programming languages. It is not always possible to have in-house resources who are adept in the latest technology for every situation or project. You can rectify this issue by partnering with a remote hiring company, which can provide you with an extensive list of developers with a diversity of experience and expertise.

Delays and disruptions

When you utilize an in-house development team, there can be various kinds of interruptions and delays that take place. For example, the in-house software development team may be working on several projects at the same time. As a result, they will devote less attention to your project in order to complete their other tasks.

Equipment failures

When a tool or piece of equipment at your job site breaks, is damaged, or malfunctions, it must be replaced or fixed as soon as possible so that the project can resume. Since these events are always unpredictable, it becomes necessary to set aside a portion of the budget for them.

Are you having trouble keeping your in-house talent?

According to a StackOverflow report, more than 60% of on-site developers are interested in new job openings. Any employer would find this situation to be unfavorable, as retaining highly skilled software developers can be difficult in such a situation.

How can hiring dedicated remote developers help you save money?

Let us take a look at the main ways that hiring a team of dedicated remote developers can help you reduce the expenses of your software project.

Office rent and related costs

While hiring in-house developers, you must consider the costs of office space renting as well as utilities such as cooling, heating, electricity, and gas. Furthermore, you must provide your employees with a computer and a continuous internet connection, which will raise your expenses even more. A rough estimate extrapolates that companies could save more than $700 billion a year if half of the employees in the US worked remotely.

Cut additional hiring costs and time

Your project may necessitate a wide range of skills and expertise that your in-house development resources may lack. Hiring full-time resources for that specific project may not be cost-effective or even prudent in such a case. Also, hiring full-time personnel is usually a tedious and time-consuming process.

Instead, you can collaborate with a remote hiring company to hire dedicated developers on a part-time or per-hour basis, depending on the project’s needs. You can use this system to tap into the diverse expertise and skillset of available dedicated developers. Remote hiring companies are known for offering flexibility and diversity to their customers.

Technological proficiency

Top-tier technical expertise and experience are required for the development of customized and complex software solutions. Working with possibly inexperienced in-house resources might not give the desired results, ultimately increasing costs due to repeated unproductive efforts. This ultimately leads to the remote hiring of cherry-picked software specialists with the required skills and experience.

No cost for training

Software development is a constantly changing industry in which you must keep your developers up to date on the latest technological trends. Training your in-house developers for the latest technologies and tools can have a significant impact on your budget.

Just pay for the services that have been outsourced

When you hire an in-house development team, you must pay for each resource that you have on board. In the case of remote developers, however, you only have to pay for the services you have outsourced.

Hiring cost of dedicated remote developers

Usually, the biggest cost factor in the equation is the salary of a developer. According to The App Association, the average salary of an in-house developer is over $104,000 per annum (that is $8,666 per month). Compare that to the cost of a dedicated remote developer hired through Aspired, and it can be as low as a mere $3,000 per month. Add these savings to all the ones mentioned in the points above, and you are looking at a considerable reduction in the cost of your project! Now you can very well understand why people prefer to hire dedicated remote developers instead of an in-house development team; the former is clearly a cost-efficient alternative.

Are you ready to hire dedicated remote developers?

By now, it should be very clear to you that having a team of dedicated remote developers is a viable cost-reducing option for your company. The hiring process of dedicated remote developers, however, is not something to be taken lightly. You will need a system that offers suitable remote workers through proper scrutiny of potential candidates. To save time, money, and avoid headaches, it is recommended that you use a specialized agency like Aspired to hire your remote team. It can assist you in hiring productive remote developers from a pool of top talent and get your project on the road in no time at all!

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