Red Flags to Avoid When Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

Red Flags to Avoid When Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

2,329 apps are launched every single day. But how many of these apps do you think make to success list? Only 0.5%. Yes, you read that right. This means that out of every 10,000 apps released, only one app will hit the gold.

But why are these numbers so lopsided? Out of all the reasons, one major culprit is poor hiring decisions. When you hire mobile app developers, the quality of your partnering company can make or break your app. When signing the development contract, many factors may seem beneficial on the surface. But down the line, those apparently valuable factors can turn out to be red flags.

But how do you identify them when it is your first time in the business? No worries, we've got you covered. To help you translate your digital dream into a reality, this blog will discuss:

  • Top 5 Red Flags to Watch out for when hiring an App Company
  • Pro Tips to Address/Avoid These Red Flags
  • A bonus solution to evade these red flags altogether

When Their Bid Is Too Good to Be True

Cost Bid.png

Time and cost are the major considerations for any app development company seeking business. It's standard industry practice to request quotes from potential bidders. This way, you can compare rates and choose the best deals. The accuracy of this estimation depends on several factors. For example, you will share some data with these agencies if you want to outsource your app development or hire remote mobile app developers. This may include development specs, entity-relationship diagrams, UX mock-ups, and other details.

However, estimating the true cost of a project is challenging. Even industry experts struggle here. If a development company pitches you a hard number even before knowing all the necessary details. Or their number is too good to be true (relativity is the key here); that should be enough of a red flag.

Pro Tip:

If you feel a bid is unrealistically low, don't accept/reject it immediately. Instead, ask them to provide a detailed breakdown of their estimation. This will save you from costly mishaps and reworks. Remember, a quality app development company can never settle for rock-bottom prices.

When They Try to Win You Over with Money-Back Guarantees

Money-Back Guarantees.png

Business owners love money-back guarantees. Yet, this benefit could just be a huge red flag that goes under your nose. App development companies often try to win you over with excessive money-back guarantees. A professional agency will focus on its processes and track record in its pitch.

The development process comes with its inherent risks. Change of scope, unclear expectations, and lack of transparency can hamper the overall quality. Companies with tried and tested methods solve this challenge easily. But when a development company flaunts more on refunds than how they will bring your app vision into reality. They probably lack faith in their own processes. And so should you.

Pro Tip:

Trust is earned, not promised. When money-back guarantees seem tempting, try zooming out a bit. Check their past projects, testimonials, and weigh their processes. What's better? To hire mobile app developers that prove their ability to deliver their promises. Or a company that solely relies on its guarantees?

When They Insist on Fixed Bid Pricing Instead of Time and Materials

Fixed Bid Pricing.png

Development companies use two prevalent methods to calculate their pricing. Time and materials and fixed bids. When an app company charges you for the resources you use per hour/day/week, it's time and materials. A fixed bid, as in the name, is a flat amount for a complete project that includes the risks of estimation errors.

A fixed bid pricing for a development project often indicates a red flag. It's because all app development projects are prone to scope changes and mended requirements. Fix bid arrangements have limited overhead space resulting in extra costs add-on. Here, the client is subjected to unnecessary stress. He will likely get billed more than the initial quote when the project ends due to revisions. The development process can also get halted, resulting in revisiting the contract.

Pro Tip:

Many stakeholders still believe fixed pricing is a risk-free option. Yet, nothing beats the flexibility and transparency "Time and Materials" offers. When evaluating an app company, detail potential changes and see how they plan to address them. If their pricing model encourages flexibility, open communication, and offers room for changes, go for them.

When Their Process Doesn't Show Any Tangible Value, Soon

Tangible Value.png

Quality app development companies make clients part of the process from the get go. They will ask for feedback as soon as the initial builds of your app are ready. They emphasize pushing the code to a production-like environment within weeks of project kickoff. The idea is to allow you to observe and test your product first-hand.

If a software company lacks this feedback loop and exhibits its progress only upon milestones, that's a red flag. In some cases, such projects linger for months, only to get abandoned later. Other teams will also struggle to continue working on such codes.

Pro Tip:

Professional development companies believe in regular progress updates. When you hire mobile app developers, ensure the company offers frequent check-ins and reviews. An iterative development process helps identify potential issues and ensures the final product aligns with your vision. So, partner with a company that encourages collaboration and regular feedback throughout the development lifecycle.

When They Don't Mention Post-Launch/Maintenance

Post Launch Maintenance.png

Development company's relationship with its client doesn't end at the product launch. Users will now interact with your app, making the post-launch phase significant. And the absence of it could leave you struggling with underlying app issues, bugs, and never-ending areas of improvement.

Imagine your app makes it large at launch. It collects enormous praise and love from its users. And then, a minor unresolved bug appears out of nowhere, leading to app downtimes and user dissatisfaction. This will put your app's reputation at stake before you find another team to fix it.

Pro Tip:

Only sign a contract with a company after you've laid out the terms of post-launch support. A comprehensive plan must include regular check-ins, updates, and assigned resources. This ensures smooth operations and contributes to user satisfaction and long-term success.

You Have a Decision to Make

Hiring Decesion Benefits.png

Now, you must be thinking of a way to avoid these red flags altogether. Congratulations, your prayers have been answered. Hiring quality app developers could be a daunting task unless you have an expert remote staffing agency by your side.

Introducing Aspired, an emerging remote staffing agency that helps businesses hire pre-vetted developers remotely. Our values actively negate any potential risks throughout the hiring and development process.

Here is a look at some of them:

  • Expert Talent Curation Process: Aspired's robust hiring process and up-to-date training and development programs ensure it is home to top-tier talent.
  • Robust Development Methodology: Aspired implements the latest software development methodologies to streamline its processes, align your vision, and ensure top quality is the minimum bar for its product delivery.
  • Two-Way Transparency: Our two-way channel ensures clients have complete visibility and an active say in our processes, allowing us to deliver solutions that drive long-term success.
  • Flexible Pricing Model: Aspired offers multiple pricing models that ensure you only pay for the resources you hire and receive the best value for your money.
  • End-to-End Support: From Ideation to post-launch and development to delivery, Aspired ensures necessary support every step of the way.

If you're an aspiring tech business looking for an all-inclusive solution for your app development projects, Aspired is exactly what you need. Hire mobile app developers in just 48 hours and enjoy a free trial of up to 60 days.

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