Addressing the Android vs. iOS Development Debate: Key Considerations

Addressing the Android vs. iOS Development Debate: Key Considerations

With Android taking a fair share of the global smartphone market and Apple dominating the market share in North America, curious business owners may be scratching their heads right now, thinking of which to choose for their development projects.

With over 2 million apps on the App Store and over a billion apps on the Play Store, you might find it difficult to understand whether you should hire Android developers or iOS developers for your next project.

Selecting the right developers ultimately falls into your decision of choosing the right OS for your business. But that’s easier said than done, which is why today’s blog by Aspired is all about the great debate: Android VS iOS; which suits your business?

Android VS iOS

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Programming Languages

Android apps are developed in Kotlin or Java, which allows skilled Android developers to create dynamically linked libraries, which is why Java is the prime choice for developers looking to make new apps. However, Java is quite complex; thus, mastering it requires lots of time and experience.

On the other hand, Objective-C takes the stage in Apple app development which generally has a smaller learning curve because of its similarity with programming languages such as C++. But it lacks the ability to create DLLs which, as mentioned above, is an area where Java excels.

Development Process

Android involves much more fragmentation due to multiple device manufacturers utilizing the OS, meaning the same app has to be optimized across varying smartphone configurations and screen sizes. Additionally, you’ll have to hire Android app developers who can handle the complexity of Java.

In Apple’s iOS, you only need to develop the app once, proving to be less complex and much easier for Your iOS developers as they don’t need to optimize for multiple devices, as in the case of Android. The downside for your business here is that Apple’s market share is less than Android’s.

Features and Flexibility

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Creating feature-rich applications is easier on Android due to its flexibility and open-source nature, which enhance the user experience. Thus, connecting with a remote staffing agency like Aspired to Hire Android Developers can be a wise choice to take advantage of the Android OS’s many functions.

iOS, on the other hand, doesn’t provide such flexibility when considering several features or functions for your apps. But their closed platform ensures that skilled iOS developers can implement intuitive app solutions that provide a more optimal user experience.

App Security

Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines and Moderation provide added security and safety to your developed applications. Thus, it's wise to hire iOS developers aware of Apple’s quality standards, strict rules, and prolonged app review process to avoid rejection from the App Store.

Comparatively, posting your app on the Play Store is less secure, as evidenced by the malware-ridden Apps often found here. However, getting your app approved here can take less than a day compared to several days on the App Store due to Android’s lack of standardization.

Development Cost

The most pressing concern for any tech business is the app development cost. This value doesn’t have a preset standard due to varying app requirements and specific pricing models used by different business types. This factor also integrates the hiring cost for your chosen type of developers.

However, comparing the two, Android development requires more customization and a more significant number of resources meaning higher development costs. At the same time, iOS development takes up a smaller chunk of your resources.

Android or iOS Which One Is More Profitable?

The potential to make money can be variable when it comes to app development on either iOS or Android. What differentiates the level of profitability here are the various considerations and advantages each platform provides.

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The larger market share of Android means a greater number of potential users resulting in more downloads. Not to mention that Android provides greater flexibility regarding monetization options, including direct downloads and alternative app stores. Additionally, if you hire Android engineers with relevant skills, you can generate revenue through Advertisements on your apps.

iOS apps provide the advantage of an affluent customer base willing to spend top dollar on in-app purchases and premium apps. This, alongside the higher app retention rate of iOS users, means your app can generate higher revenue in the long run due to users continuously paying for your app over time.

Picking The Right OS

Both platforms provide ample opportunities for revenue generation, and choosing between the two ultimately depends on your monetization strategy, app characteristics, and organizational goals.

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A few key factors that can further refine your decision are provided as follows:

  • If you plan to launch your app for Android devices only, it's better to hire Android experts, but if you’re looking to make a cross-platform app, an iOS developer would be better suited.
  • The demographics of these platforms also vary, with Apple’s users being younger and willing to spend more on applications as compared to Android users.
  • Launching an application can be a more prolonged process on iOS due to Apple’s extensive approval process, while the Android development process is extended due to the complexity of Java.

Assessing these factors can be the key when deciding which platform might prove more lucrative for your application’s monetization.

Hire Android Developers and iOS Developers With Aspired

When you’ve selected the right OS for development, you’ll need to hire Android developers or iOS developers that can bring your project ideas to life. Aspired ensures you get the cream of the crop in development talent that can build robust Android, iOS, and cross-platform apps for your business.

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On average, an app developer in the US can charge around $50 per hour. Considering the cost of an app with essential features and a basic UI, it can cost around $16,000 to $32,000.

Marketing budgets and competition from rival applications are major factors inhibiting an app’s sales growth. Poor execution and research are also clear indicators of app failure after launch.

The revenue per app download can vary significantly, especially across platforms, but on average, this value can range from $0.60 to $1.20 per download.

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