Why Should You Choose Unreal Engine for Game Development

Why Should You Choose Unreal Engine for Game Development

A game engine can be described as a software development environment that provides configurations, features, and assets that can simplify and optimize the entire game development process for several programming languages and platforms. They combine game physics, graphics rendering, animations, sound, and artificial intelligence in order to help developers plan and build interactive video games.

With the number of gamers worldwide growing rapidly, tech companies have started to enter the game industry with the help of skilled development teams. However, a team is only as good as the tools it uses, so selecting the best game engine becomes a choice that can make or break your future game project.

With several game engines taking the market by storm, one stands out from the rest with its benefits and capabilities. So, what’s this diamond in the rough, you ask? Why it’s none other than Epic Games’ Unreal Engine!

Epic Games stated that more than half of all announced next-generation games are being created with Unreal Engine! If that isn’t a big selling point for you, then hold your horses; we’re here to tell you about this miracle gaming engine and why you should choose it to develop your game projects.

What is Unreal Engine?

Unreal Engine has become the crown jewel of professional game studios, as development power isn’t the only thing boasts! It provides a vast asset library paired with an easy-to-use editor that enables developers to create immersive and photorealistic environments, objects, and characters, which result in engaging and captivating gaming experiences that range from simple simulations to entire virtual worlds bustling with digital life!

Unreal Engine has undergone several upgrades and iterations in the past few years, resulting in a polished game engine that provides photorealism of the highest caliber. So whether you’re developing a single-player story game or an online multiplayer experience, Unreal is the go-to gaming engine for all your development needs.

Key Features

  • Supports virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality
  • Particle simulation and effects
  • MetaSounds and Unreal Audio Engine provide ich audio
  • Character animation included machine learning
  • Landscape editing and world-building using the Unreal Editor
  • Unreal Motion Graphics user interface
  • C++ source code access and API
  • Nanite engine for materials, lighting, and rendering
  • Blueprint visual scripting system for non-coding game developers

Unreal and the Gaming Industry

If you ask any developer which gaming engine they prefer to use for developing high-end gaming masterpieces, they’ll say Unreal! This hyper-popularity of Unreal can be observed through the following stats:

  • Almost 2 million games have been developed through Unreal Engine
  • Unreal has garnered a market share of almost 13%
  • Its marketplace features more than 16k assets to use
  • Epic Games, Unreal Engine’s parent company’s market cap is almost $17 billion
  • Its developer community has exceeded 7 million people

Games Made Using Unreal Engine

For all those gamers and even developers out there that might be asking what games are actually running on Unreal Engine. You’ll be surprised to find out that many well-known triple-A titles on the market are the product of this amazing tool; these are provided as follows:

  • Rainbow Six
  • Gears of War
  • Bioshock
  • Batman Arkham Series
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  • Fortnite
  • Borderlands
  • Mortal Kombat

Supported Platforms

Now if you’re asking what platforms can Unreal Engine’s games be published on, then feast your eyes below:

  • New generation Xbox and Play Station Consoles
  • Windows, Linux, SteamOS, and macOS computers
  • VR and AR platforms
  • HTML5 for browsers
  • Android and iOS smartphones

Why Choose Unreal Engine?

Amazing Graphics

The most prevalent factor that’s got gamers and developers talking is the real world-Esque graphics and dynamic lighting that Unreal Engine can produce. The level of realism goes across the roof with highly detailed textures, particle effects, motion blur, and depth of field, which result in lifelike game experiences.

Unreal Engine also provides an advanced physics system that enables natural interactions and movement between the game elements and characters. What results is a creative and visually appealing game that provides an “Unreal” experience (Pun-intended).

Best For Extensive Scopes

AAA games and Unreal Engine, is there a better combination? The high-level scalability of this Engine enables development teams to maintain initial scope requirements while integrating substantial amounts of content within the game.

If you’re looking to make a high-end game with multiple actors, large scenes, and complex resource-intensive actions such as streaming and multiplayer, then Unreal is the perfect choice.

Enhanced User Engagement

Unreal Engine provides developers with several tools with which they create stunning visuals and photorealistic game worlds that keep the player’s eyes glued to their screens. In addition, the ability to add new features and customize the gaming experience for varying types of players also proves advantageous.

This allows your target audience to remain engaged with the game for a longer time and thus increase customer satisfaction, resulting in increased profitability and financial returns.


The phrase “The best things in life come free” stands true for Unreal Engine as it can be used free of charge alongside a minimum royalty of 5% only when your game’s revenue exceeds $1 million!

When looking at the tools and benefits that would take an unsurmountable amount of time and expense to build in-house, this game engine provides you with everything you need at the price of nothing.

Advanced AI

Unreal Engine is fueled by an advanced AI system that allows the creation of AI characters, including NPCs and enemies, which display intelligent characteristics such as pathfinding and complex behaviors, which make the experience much more realistic and convincing.

This, added to the system’s machine learning techniques, allows developers to use genetic algorithms and neural networks to create game characters that behave and react in a dynamic yet realistic manner, making the immersion go off the charts!


With unreal Engine bringing so much to the table, it’s a no-brainer of whether to choose it or not for your future game development needs. But what’s a tool without the right talent to use it?

If you’re wondering about assembling a skilled game development team that can use Unreal Engine to take your game ideas to the next level, you’ve just bumped into a gold mine!

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