Why Aspired’s Remote Model Works Better Than Conventional Outsourcing

Why Aspired’s Remote Model Works Better Than Conventional Outsourcing

Imagine the idea of developing a fantastic application. It can be a simple app, specialized, or maybe a social app to connect thousands of users. Irrespective of the app category and complexity level, how to bring the idea into the real world is a mind-boggling question.

You need a team of skilled developers, but deciding whether outsourcing them or building a remote team is crucial.

This one decision can change your whole destiny. Either you will make it or suffer. However, with an Aspired remote model, you can make it happen. But, before getting into the details, let's see what remote staffing actually is.

What is Remote Staffing?

Typically, the remote hiring process is of two kinds. With the first type, a remote team or developer works from home.

The second type is remote staffing, wherein a resource or a team of resources functions under an agency but is assigned to a development project. Aspired is an example of this sort of arrangement.

Aspired helps you select a team that works dedicatedly on your business ventures, similar to the way you'd have an in-house team. The difference is that they work from another location. You have complete control over your remote team, and you can directly instruct them concerning your requirements and expectations.

You hire a mobile app development team that would work along with you from concept to completion. In the case of Aspired, resources work with a client in a tightly aligned manner, where the client has complete control over their handpicked resources. Moreover, they directly monitor their progress through a digitized tracking and work coordination platform.

Difference B/W Aspired and IT Outsourcing

Cost Flexible Remote Team, Inexpensive Outsourcing

This self-explanatory term can be confusing. You may find outsourcing inexpensive, but that does not come with a guarantee of a high-quality digital product. Factors that are unregulated and uncontrolled come into play when working with freelancers. What you consider an inexpensive selection can let you down severely if the expectation for quality is not fulfilled. Moreover, you will face losses, delays, and missed deadlines.

The other side of the coin is that there is much flexibility when it comes to remote hiring cost. Aspired allows you to build your remote team from scratch. You can easily configure how many and what type of people with experience you need in your team, and the cost will be determined accordingly. You're at a significant advantage when remote workers work in the exact alignment of your business goal without being problematic. You can contact them any time and give them instructions regarding your project with no intermediary hassles.


With Aspired, you work with industry professionals, which we vet through our rigorous recruiting process. You end up with resources that have all the skills you require for your projects. Working with an outsourcing company does not give you the autonomy or authority to choose who will develop your website or application. You may get the worst or best depending on your fortune.

Work Culture with Remote Team and Outsourcing

If you have ever freelanced in your life, you know how things go. Working to earn money and make profits is not wrong or unethical in any way, but when considering hiring in any business, the role of culture can't be ignored.

Imagine hiring a person who is not in sync with your goals and missions and is not the right persona you are looking for. These things often create an issue for you, and the longevity of your business becomes a challenge.

When thinking for the long term, you require a team working with you instead of working for you. There is a difference between the two aspects. The 'with' factor becomes possible to take a remote team onboard. Remote employees become a part of your organization and incorporate themselves into your company's culture to bring the vision into reality. It drives cumulative and individual growth and produces a win-win situation for all with remote team success.


The remote developers you hire through Aspired are your full-time employees. Their dedication to your business goals and projects is 100%, and they work for you as your dedicated in-house team. Because their attention does not get diluted with a multitude of projects, you receive quality work from their end.

On the opposite side, working with an outsourcing vendor, developers perform the job for their respective organization and not for you. You cannot count on them for your business success. Besides, you can find them handling work for multiple clients, which implies that their work quality will not be up to the mark.


Building a remote team with Aspired allows you to communicate with your resources directly without intermediaries. This direct communication results in minimum misunderstanding and increased effectiveness. With traditional outsourcing, your communication is limited to the manager, supervisor, or team lead. This limitation impacts your project's progress and compels you to talk/chat/call ever-s-frequently to avoid any issue.

Monitoring and Controlling Difference between both Models

You enjoy absolute control over your remote team hired through Aspired. You can monitor and control their activities without much struggle. You will not feel like they are working outside your office premises. With this, your outcomes, work process, and working time get managed more effectively.

The outsourcing model lacks these aspects, and you get little to no control over things.

Access to Larger a Talent Pool

With traditional outsourcing, you depend on local talent. You get a limited number of choices, and sometimes, you have to make compromises. But a remote team solves this problem for you. You do not have to rely on local talent alone. Aspired provides services worldwide to bring success to everyone around the globe.

Wrapping Up

If your company has reached a state where freelancers or outsourcing models hamper your growth, exploring your options with a remote team is worth considering. You can see the differences between the various services available, and you can easily foresee your profitability or failure with them.

Finally, we can say that the Aspired remote model will suit you when it comes to progress, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness.

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