What Would It Cost to Hire a Remote Game App Developer?

What Would It Cost to Hire a Remote Game App Developer?

You may have heard that in 2020, approximately 218 billion apps were downloaded, representing a 7 percent increase over the previous year. Approximately 45 percent of apps used in the first quarter of 2021 were games, and 36 percent of gamers said they played more games than before the pandemic. Mobile games were viewed as an excellent way to relieve stress and tension during these unprecedented times.

Amazingly, the top ten casual games accounted for approximately 80 million installations in the first two weeks of 2021. More details on this can be seen at Game App Developer Proficiency

A game developer should possess solid expertise in gaming engines, preferably Unity and Unreal. This individual must have a firm grasp of programming languages including C++, C#, JavaScript, Python, Swift (for iOS), and Kotlin (for Android). This developer will have a portfolio that demonstrates a good blend of rendering proficiency, creativity, and innovation.

Moreover, practical experience in new gaming advances such as virtual reality is a must along with knowhow of graphic design, 2D and 3D modeling, as well as UI/UX, visual arts, animation, and audio. Also, any proficient game developer will have experience with APIs and be able to publish apps on the relevant store. And as part of the overall skilled package, a game developer should be cognizant of KISS and SOLID standards in software designing, along with extensive testing and debugging skills.

Phases in game app development

A brief outline of the several stages in the game app development exercise will give you some idea of its intricacy and what type of experts are required.

Initially, a conceptualizer creates a prototype based on your idea; it could be simple or complex. Similarly, gameplay options can range from 2D side-to-side to immersive first or third-person shooting. After that, a storyboard is produced by a creative designer.

At the same time, various other details, such as rewards, level details, and how the player engages with the game, are worked out. The game must then be configured, built, and tested; other elements, such as music, are added. The finished product is ready once this time-consuming process is completed.

The project will entail developers who are highly trained in the relevant technology and be able to fuse their skills with a passion for game development and design – in no way an easy job.

Game app development is expensive!

It should be obvious by now that developing a specialized game app can be a costly process. Hiring an app developer can be expensive, especially if you are a small business or a start-up.

But what if I told you that there is a way to help reduce the cost of your project while also gaining extra advantages like improved productivity and access to a diverse set of skills? It is quite straightforward, actually: hire remote app developers. Your next thought may be, “Why would it make sense?” The following points should help you understand why hiring a remote developer might be a good idea.

Baseline costs of employing an in-house developer

Hiring cost of in-house developer

Usually, the biggest cost factor in the equation is the salary of an app developer. As per a comprehensive Developer Survey by Stack Overflow, the average salary of a mid-level game app developer is around $104,000 per annum (that is $8,666 per month). A more specialized resource would cost even more!

Office rent and associated costs

Keep in mind the costs of renting office space as well as utilities such as cooling, heating, electricity, and gas.

Specialized gear

To make use of an in-house developer, you will require specific computer hardware as well as programming software, both expensive items.

Recruitment process costs and time

Searching for full-time employees is a usually slow and tiring process that includes several steps such as asking for applications, CV evaluations, and interviews.

Cost-saving through remote hiring

Hiring cost of a remote game developer

Refer back to the salary of an in-house developer. Now compare that to the cost of a dedicated remote game app developer hired through Aspired ; it can be as low as $3,000 per month.

Only pay for services that have been contracted

When you have an in-house developer, you need to remunerate that person on a full-time basis. In the case of remote developers, however, you just have to pay for the work you have outsourced.

Virtual Expansion

Companies do not need to invest heavily in infrastructure development. By utilizing remote hiring, they can instead virtually expand their team and spend their budget on other important things.

No need for training

Training your in-house developers in the latest technologies and tools can cost you a lot of money. A remote employee does not require any type of training program. Projects are allocated to individuals who are already experts in their fields.

Augmented Access

Businesses are not required to rely exclusively on local resources. By leveraging the power of remote offshore hiring, they can gain access to thousands of choices to meet their needs.

When you add up all of these savings, there is a clear cost reduction for your project! It is easy to see why companies prefer to hire remote mobile app developers over an in-house development team; the former is clearly the less costly option.

Where can you discover a remote game developer?

It can be problematic to find a suitable remote game developer. There are, however, some methods for finding and employing talented remote game developers. Game development societies like TIGSource, Develteam, and IndieDB are good starting points.

The profiles here, unfortunately, have not been verified and seem to provide debatable data. The next place to look may be freelance networks like Upwork. However, while these are great for working with single freelancers on a one-off basis, they are less suitable for hiring dedicated remote game developers.

Another option is remote hiring companies, e.g., Aspired . These offer an efficient and tailored recruiting process for building your remote team on-demand and without traditional obstructions. They can help you hire game app developers with the necessary skills and experience without the headache of national borders.

Game app development can be both a demanding and lucrative quest. By hiring a reputable company with relevant experience in the hiring process of a remote game developer, you can be certain of avoiding potential issues. Such a collaboration, like an accurately calibrated gameplay framework, would aid in making your game app creation process smooth and glitch-free. So, without more delay, press the start button!

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