Top 10 Signs When your Business needs a Dedicated Remote Team

Top 10 Signs When your Business needs a Dedicated Remote Team

Hiring a dedicated remote team is a viable approach to improving business. Since the world is evolving rapidly due to the outbreak of COVID-19, every other organization is shifting from an in-house team model to a remote team model. But the recruiting and onboarding process of remote workers is quite challenging at some stages.

However, a company will always require a team of dedicated, professional, qualified, and talented workers. Such team members will always be an asset for your company, and operating with them can be quite cost-effective. You can make the whole hiring, onboarding, and monitoring process for each candidate easier by connecting with an agency like

Almost every large, medium, and small company across the globe extensively chooses to hire qualified professional remote workers aligned with particular projects/tasks. There are some forecasts that show consistent demands for remote workers because the idea of remote work has impacted the market. However, as an individual company, how would you know when it is time to hire a remote team? Is there any alarming system? Or a report?

Quite apparently, there are no such things or indicators; you have to be attentive to identify your company’s needs.

Below are the 10 signs that show when your business needs a dedicated remote team;

1. Struggling Against Increased Salaries

In many countries, there is a huge shortage of professionals in different sectors, especially when it comes to software engineers. This type of crisis forces you to compromise and opt for a candidate whose skill level don’t quite align with the position you need to fill. This shortage of talent increases salary demand.

So, while hiring an on-shore employee is like a dream for startups and small businesses, it could be difficult to get big business and double salaries. Now things have changed; you don’t have to compromise on talent over a time zone. You can now hire remote employees for reasonable pay as compared to permanent employees.

2. Struggling to Find Required Skills in Team

You need new expertise and skills to maintain a competitive edge. So, you start recruiting employees for a particular job. This difficult situation confronts most tech companies. When you think that the team is running short of required skill due to which they are failing to accomplish their tasks, it’s time to hire a remote team. To hire a dedicated remote team with tech-talent and the right skills, you’ll find it much easier.

3. Struggling to Retain Your In-house Talent

Currently, job opportunities in the market are quite high, and it’s sort of cut-throat competition to hire the best-qualified talent. Companies go the extra mile to lure talented candidates from their competitors. Such lucrative offers can cause difficulty for other companies in retaining good resources for the long term.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, almost every industry is still suffering from a tech talent deficit. The majority of resources out there are on the lookout for better opportunities. Any demanding marketplace would consider a dedicated remote team cost because their salary is reasonable and productivity level is high in comparison.

4. Struggling in Achieving the Targeted Time-to-Market

With a vast amount of advancement in frameworks and software technologies, the time allowed for you to release a new product in the market is short. When you are struggling to achieve the targeted time-to-market of a product with your in-house team, you need to hire a dedicated remote team. With a remote team, you would be able to compete efficiently and effectively.

5. Responsibility of Environment Conservation

Nowadays, the environment is among the major concerns for everyone. When you hire a dedicated remote employee, you reduce your company’s carbon footprint and also help individuals with doing the same. No commuting means no transportation, and the pollution in the environment will decrease proportionately.

6. Require Faster Delivery of Your Project

The working hours an employee spends on a project heavily affects the cost of that project. When you complete a project before the deadline, you can decrease its cost substantially. The tech industry has been fast when it comes to establishing a competitive edge in the market. However, if you’re unable to complete or deliver the project within the timeframe, you will have to pay for that. Sometimes businesses fail to deliver projects due to late deliveries. So, to deliver projects faster and smartly, hiring a remote team can be quite helpful. Although they have the flexibility to work according to their productive time, this flexibility allows them to deliver tasks before the deadline.

7. When You Have to Pay Huge Utility Bills

With an in-house team model, you have to pay for several utilities like heating, electricity, gas, cooling, etc. When these utility rates go up, it hurts your margin. With a remote team, you can save on utility expenses.

8. Lack of Effective Use of Technology

As the world transforms, technology does so too, and it does so, quite dramatically. There are a number of tech platforms, tools, methodologies, and computer languages in the market. They all are beneficial for your business; if you don’t go with the trendiest ones, you may find yourself falling behind your competitors.

The remote team model is one of the advanced methods and approaches you implement to accomplish full use of technology. It allows you to utilize communication tools, task management tools, HRMS (human resource management system), etc.

9. When Profit Margins are Drooping

Competition in the current tech and non-tech market is quite fierce. Many companies find it challenging to maintain a reasonable profit margin, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

When you see your profit margins drop, it probably is the right time to hire a dedicated remote team. This will help you increase your profit margins or ROI (return of investment) at a sustainable level.

10. When 24×7 Support Holdup

Customer support and services are major factors for creating a reputable brand identity. For satisfactory customer support, you can always hire a remote team or remote developers.

You can always ask customer support specialists to stay connected and deliver the best assistance at a lower cost. Or you can hire remote developers to build voice recognition software, chatbots, and other automated customer support tools.

Final Takeaway

A dedicated remote team’s cost, efficiency, productivity, and performance will always put you ahead. When you realize you need to change your workforce or working strategy, you might want to consider the remote team model. Recruiting and onboarding remote teams is hectic; it comes with many challenges for enterprises and startups.

To keep your workflow smooth and smart, hire an agency like Aspired. For the past few years, Aspired has delivered a number of elite remote teams/workers to many companies around the world. They understand project/job requirements and align your team accordingly.

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