How to Find and Hire the Best Remote Game Developers Team?

How to Find and Hire the Best Remote Game Developers Team?

Do you want to create a gaming app on the cheap? You will certainly be mesmerized by the dream gaming app you plan to create and hope that the creation process is completed quickly. However, to take your game app from concept to reality, you will need to take some strategic steps. The truth is that creating a game app is a difficult and usually expensive procedure. It also has the potential to become baffling at times. The answer may be to hire a dedicated team of remote game developers.

Techniques for locating dedicated remote game developers

It can be difficult to find a dedicated remote game development team. Such teams are made up of a variety of professionals who are skilled in programming, 3D modeling, audio, animation, user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and visual arts. There are, however, numerous methods for locating and hiring talented remote game developers.

  • Game development communities such as TIGSource, Develteam, and IndieDB may be a good place to start looking for game developers; they allow you to post your job and give you access to the profiles of their community members. However, the profiles have not been validated and appear to provide questionable data.
  • Freelance networks such as UpWork and TopTal allow a user to view profiles of hundreds of freelancers with game development experience and expertise. Both platforms are ideal for working with single freelancers but are less appropriate for hiring a full team of remote game developers.
  • Remote hiring companies like Aspired provide an efficient and bespoke recruiting process for building your remote team, on-demand, and without conventional roadblocks. It can assist you in hiring game developers as well as a wide range of technicians with the necessary skills and experience, all without the inconvenience of national borders.

What gaming technology should you use?

Game engines, also known as game frameworks, are used to create gaming apps. Unity and Unreal are the most widely used game engines, so you will most likely have to choose between these two. Another consideration is whether you want your software to be React Native (iOS or Android), web-based, or hybrid. A further option for gaming apps is whether to use augmented reality or virtual reality technology. It is also a good idea to keep up-to-date with the mobile game development trends of 2021.

Moving forward, it is generally a good idea to talk about your idea with potential game development teams so that they can advise you on the various options available, taking into account the technicalities listed above. As you continue on the game app development path, framing a plan of action based on applicable technology options and available technological skills would be extremely beneficial.

Stages in game app development

A simple rundown of the various stages of the game app development exercise will give you a sense of its difficulty and the types of experts required. These are only outlines, and they can differ from game to game.

Firstly, a concept must be created. A conceptualizer can construct this based on your dream idea. It can be straightforward or complicated and may be based on action or a story–or both.

Playing modes can be discussed with the developers. 2D side-to-side shooting, for example, all the way to immersive first or third-person firefights.

Creative designers will typically create a storyboard as the next step. Characters, level maps, and scenes are all drawn by visual artists.

Other aspects, such as rewards, level details, and how the player interacts with the game, must be worked out during the process.

Following that, the game will be programmed, designed, and checked, and various other elements such as music are added. The game app would be ready after this time-consuming process is done.

This process will require a team of remote developers who are highly qualified in the specific technology along with a passion for game production and design–not a simple undertaking.

Remote team hiring agency vs. freelancers

Before you begin your project, you must decide whether to avail the services of a remote hiring agency, which can very easily pull together a remote game app development team, or to collaborate with a group of freelancers.

As previously mentioned, gaming app creation is a complex procedure, so hiring a specialized firm such as Aspired would make more sense. Developers, innovative designers, and testers will be among the many technical experts available to such a company. Auxiliary services will also be available, such as data security and backup, fast turnaround, and quality control. Since maintenance and new functionality are usually expected over time, a suitable company would be able to support your gaming app in the long run.

Essential skills to look for in the remote game developer team

To start with, you would look for people with hands-on experience having used cutting-edge gaming technologies such as virtual reality. Moreover, you would want them to have an extensive understanding of at least two gaming engines, ideally Unity and Unreal. Additionally, if such skilled individuals have experience with developing games with a good balance of rendering efficiency, creativity, and innovation, this will speak volumes of their abilities. You’d also want skilled people with:

  • Expertise in relevant programming languages such as C++, C#, JavaScript, Python, Swift (for iOS), and Kotlin (for Android)
  • Graphic design, 2D and 3D modeling expertise
  • User interface, user experience, visual arts, animation, and audio specialists
  • Experience with APIs and the ability to publish apps on the relevant store
  • Knowledge of KISS and SOLID standards in software architecture
  • Significant testing and debugging abilities
  • One window operation for the entire mobile game development process

Additional significant items you need to be clear about before finalizing the hiring company for your remote game developer team, include things like the programming and design standards that will be followed. Moreover, you’d want to include the following pillars as part of your plan:

  • Monetization of the app (if required)
  • Process of app testing and troubleshooting
  • Project security in general
  • Ongoing assistance after development
  • App store publishing help
  • Additional app features
  • Nondisclosure and other agreements
  • Ownership of project
  • Terms and conditions of payment
  • Estimated cost
  • All terms must be in writing and signed by both parties

Hiring cost of a remote game developers team

Developing a mobile game app is typically an expensive and time-intensive activity. It could take anywhere from 600 to over 700 hours to create a game, depending on a number of factors such as the game’s sophistication, tech, platforms, and a variety of other factors.

Depending on where in the world the developers are located, costs will vary from $50 per hour to over $120 per hour. The hiring cost of a remote game developers team would be a fraction of the fee charged by a large onshore company; by providing you with a remote game developers team, companies like Aspired can help you manage your project on the lower end of the cost spectrum without compromising on quality. Consequently, take your time, do your homework, and choose prudently.

Are you prepped for game on?

Game app production can be a demanding yet satisfying experience. You can be sure to avoid potential problems by selecting a reputable hiring company to put together a suitably equipped remote game app development team. Like an accurately calibrated gameplay scheme, such a collaboration would assist in making your game app creation process smooth and glitch-free. So, without further ado, press start!

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