Aspired Facilitates Establishing Excellent Remote Team Solutions for Global Businesses: GoodFirms

Aspired Facilitates Establishing Excellent Remote Team Solutions for Global Businesses: GoodFirms

Establishing a business that allows building your remote team with utmost convenience was not easy at all, but Aspired made it into a reality. How? Check out GoodFirms interview of Michael Atkinson, Associate Vice President of Aspired to learn about the company's growth story

An all-inclusive staff augmentation agency, Aspired was established in 2020 in Florida to provide opportunities for businesses to recruit talented professionals for their business needs. Aspired provides cost-effective and budgeted solutions to its clients for hiring and building remote autonomous dedicated teams from a vast pool of talents available across the globe.

The company is headquartered in West Palm, Florida with regional offices in UAE and Pakistan. It has helped many SMBs, funded start-ups, and Fortune 500 Companies with lasting product value throughout the development lifecycle.

In an interview with GoodFirms, Michael Atkinson, the Associate Vice President of Aspired, shared how the company came into existence and what are his responsibilities as an AVP.

Michael starts the interview by sharing that the mission behind starting Aspired was to deliver talented professionals to businesses of all sizes. He said the core professionals on the company's board have more than three decades of experience in gaming development and the digital transformation space. Due to a robust engineering talent pool and unique approach to providing solutions, Aspired can help businesses around the globe. As an Associate Vice President of the company, Michael handles marketing, operations, and client engagement-related responsibilities with supporting the strategic goals of the company for growth and development.

Michael points out that the managed dedicated team structure in the company offers a result-oriented and success-driven digital transformation lifecycle is followed to provide a hassle-free experience to clients for the best cost-to-value ratio. He shared that the company ascertains the needs of its clients by suggesting a dedicated autonomous delivery team that is managed in-house by the company's project leads or stakeholders. Today, the proud family of Aspired comprises 250+ members of the in-house development staff. The company is soon to rank as the top staff augmentation company globally in the ranking list of leading review and rating firm - GoodFirms.

Mr. Atkinson considers Aspired as different from its counterparts as it benefits its clients with staff augmentation facilities without any drawbacks. The clients enjoy different benefits in this phase like non-billable resources, resources-level support, design-view committee, ethical hacking, lower ongoing development costs, transparent delivery lifecycle management, aggressive performance review schedule, and ownership of quality delivery.

Regarding the industries to offer, Aspired fulfills the client's requirements as long as people for the IT roles are needed. The company operates on an industry-agnostic approach and offers outstaffing as the only, but most sought-after service for its clients. Product Development, Project Development, and Ongoing Support are the services where an outstaffing facility is needed.

While asking about the customer satisfaction rate, the company possesses 97% of the customer satisfaction ratio across the clientele. According to Michael, the company's working model is the main reason behind attracting more customers that warrants a constructive long-term relationship between the development/support team and the clients. The reviews displayed below depict best how Aspired values its clients.

The company offers a variety of support systems including Knowledge-Driven DSS, Data-Driven DSS, and Communication-Driven and Group DSS. These systems offered in the company are empowered by the core team that contributes to the success of the project.

Mr. Atkinson asserts that the company offers monthly payments based on the number of resources hired by the clients. Flat rate payments are charged per resource per month for a particular project. The engagement is based on the number of resources hired and the duration of the engagement. Minimum 6 months of engagement costs the clients between $40,000 to $60,000 and the maximum amount ranges between $550,000 - $750,000 for the same period.

Mr. AVP is quite enthusiastic about the company's growth in the future and has many decent plans for the coming 10 years. He said that the company aims to forge key alliances and expand its engineering teams, locations, and service models to scale its operations. He concludes the interview by sharing, “We’re constantly exploring avenues to innovate & optimize our service delivery process and empower our clientele with top fulfillment talent that help them reach their desired goals without having to worry about recruitment and hiring complexities or financial limitations.”

The detailed interview can be read through the GoodFirms company profile page.

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