A Practical Guide to Hiring Dedicated Remote App Developers

A Practical Guide to Hiring Dedicated Remote App Developers

It may seem quite straightforward to you, but many people do not realize that app development is a complex, costly, and time-consuming project. The development and related processes such as research and testing can eat up numerous man-hours of not only the development team but also yours, as the project owner. However, if done right, an appropriate app can effectively transform your project and potentially uplift the future of your business. The bottom line is that creating your dream app will require a team of developers who are highly skilled in the relevant technology and be able to merge their expertise with a passion for development and design. This could be considered akin to combining ice and fire ─ in no way an easy task.

You may now be wondering how to get your app developed in a practical yet cost-effective manner. But what if I told you that there is a way to help reduce the cost of your project while also gaining additional benefits such as increased efficiency, a stronger focus on business, and access to a wide range of skills? You might be wondering what this miracle cure is. It is actually quite simple: hire dedicated remote app developers. A quite common practice for businesses around the world today is to adopt a remote team strategy owing to the many advantages it has over a traditional office setup, or even versus freelancers. Dedicated remote development teams are being used across the world owing to the associated benefits. For example, the hiring cost of a dedicated remote mobile app developer can be as low as half the salary of an in-house resource.

If you are ready to avail of these perks, let us proceed to the next step, i.e., finding and hiring a dedicated remote app development team.

How to hire a dedicated remote app development team?

Do your app homework

The game is not just about creating an app and throwing it to the winds. Each app is never built equal. Startups and first-time investors often wonder how money-making apps are made. Moreover, the highly competitive nature of the app market is another challenge since there are literally millions of apps currently available. Consequently, you need to be clear about your goals before beginning the app development process. A few basic decisions such as identifying the target audience, objectives, technology choice, revenue system, and competitor scrutiny are critical.

Looking in the right places

Finding a dedicated remote app development team could be a colossal task unless you look in the right places.

Some people start by Googling for the best remote developers who may work within their budget, with the required technical expertise. This usually turns out to be quite a time-consuming and often futile process.

Another option is freelance sites like Upwork or Freelancer. If you have visited such sites, you would be aware of how difficult it is to find an appropriate developer there. You must first determine where to search for top-tier talent and then confirm that an applicant is a good match for your business and capable of performing all project-related tasks. Picking the right one from probably hundreds of available profiles can be a real pain.

On the other hand, you may try specialized companies that hire developers remotely. Such companies are typically very stringent about the hard skills needed for the job and whether a developer can effectively interact and collaborate within a remote team. As a result, the selection procedure is generally much more rigorous. The remote recruiting company manages all human resource operations while you retain complete control of who you employ. You will have the opportunity to connect with candidates who are diverse and multi-talented without going through the considerable hassles of the search process.

Basic skills of an app developer

The remote developers you choose should have expertise in basic programming languages such as C++, C#, JavaScript, and Python. It is vital to check previously developed apps for a good balance of efficiency, creativity, and innovation to get a feel of their skills. You should also have a good idea of their graphic design, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX) expertise. They should also have practice with APIs, knowledge of KISS and SOLID standards, and significant testing and debugging abilities.

You need to make sure that there is no misalignment of project provisions with remote developer capabilities. Since the creation of your app can be an extremely technical operation, this can only lead to complications.

Interview to find the best

You need to properly evaluate a remote developer's abilities to ensure that they will keep their commitments after hiring them. Any remote developer can show off regarding previous development activities. Working under pressure to create high-quality work on a strict timeline can be a different story. When it comes to assessing developers, it's vital that you have a specific mechanism in place. Applicants might sometimes impress during interviews, but it's still important to make sure they're a good fit. Keep in mind that you're not just looking for technical familiarity and hard skills during interviews; you're also looking for a proper attitude and social skills. Alternatively, you can engage a remote hiring company to assess the developers for you.

Remote Workforce Management and Collaboration

In order to accomplish your project successfully, appropriate tools must be used. Cloud-based applications and process automation can help with collaboration. Projects that are produced remotely or overseas benefit from agile approaches. It ensures transparency, agility, and excellence in product creation.

Many firms utilize collaboration platforms like Slack and Zoom for meetings and Jira for status reports and project management in remote working situations.

You must stay on top of the project status while establishing deadlines and ensuring that the team is setting reasonable objectives.

Proper communication channels

To ensure data security and timely work compliance, you need to have suitable communication channels in place while working with a remote development team. You'll need to determine how frequently to meet and how well your remote team can collaborate with your organization while in two different countries with distinct timetables. It's best to organize brief, productive sessions on a regular basis. The development of team interconnectivity will be aided by daily updates.

When working with your remote team, make sure you explain the project as clearly as possible. A detailed understanding of project needs and the goal must be provided to promote team spirit. While building a team mindset during remote work is tough, keeping the team and project apprised about your goals and expectations can be helpful.

Hire a Dedicated Remote App Development Team

You may now well understand that app development is a complicated process; hence hiring properly skilled talent for the job would be the way forward. By opting for a dedicated remote developer team, you can gain substantial perks in the form of reduced salaries and fixed costs, access to a pool of diverse talent, simplified hiring and training, focused work, and lower retention problems with talent. A reputable company such as Aspired can help you efficiently personalize the hiring process of a remote app development team. You will get a wide range of technicians having the required skills and experience, auxiliary services like data backup and security, fast turnaround, and quality control. Since maintenance and new features are usually needed over time, such a company would be able to facilitate your app development project in the long run.

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