12 Surprising Traits That Make A New Developer an Asset

12 Surprising Traits That Make A New Developer an Asset

Companies have a hard time finding and hiring talented developers due to the tremendous rise in demand for tech professionals. Technical proficiency alone is no longer enough in today's competitive technology market. Developers with skills beyond programming knowledge are in high demand as businesses strive to keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Below, a panel of Aspired tech members lists Twelve surprising qualities that have made a new developer a valuable contribution to their team. From a growth mindset to effective communication, resourcefulness, and attention to detail, these traits will help you discover the diamonds in the rough and turn them into valuable team members. So, get ready to be impressed because these surprising traits will change your thoughts about hiring new developers.

A Holistic View of Your Company Can Drive Innovation and Growth

A series of moments make up an employee’s experiences (Moments that count). Here, Aspired development community firmly believes that the first few weeks on the job are crucial for new employees to contribute their original ideas and fresh perspectives. Fresh employees bring unique ideas, enthusiasm, and views to the table. Businesses can foster a more collaborative and supportive workplace culture by taking a holistic approach to new hires, resulting in increased innovation and success.


When developers say they have a "passion for coding," they mean they have a strong emotional attachment to developing software. True coding virtuosos find joy in the problem-solving journey, embracing the thrill of the chase that comes with tackling tricky bugs and errors. They never settle for "good enough" code. Instead, they're always on the hunt for ways to optimize and streamline their work. For them, programming isn't just a job - it's a passion that fuels their every move, driving them toward greatness.

An Interest in Learning "Why" and "How"

Aspired values developers who inquire about "why" and "how." Any developer can finish the work allotted to them and move on to the next project. However, those who question the necessity of a project and seek to understand how their efforts fit into the greater whole are the ones who are most likely to develop their innate intuitive abilities and so remain competent to lead and coach others for the duration of the endeavor.

The Capability to Recognize Novel Functionalities

The ability to perceive beyond the product's fundamental functions is highly important. Most new developers concentrate on upgrading existing code or building new code that improves the performance of existing products. But now and again, a new developer who sees completely new functionalities and potential for the product brings actual innovation to the business. That is priceless.

Strong Interpersonal Skills

Strong interpersonal skills are often a big reason developers are so helpful to our team. Getting along with other team members quickly makes it easier for everyone to work together and accomplish more. Also, being able to ask important questions and listen carefully to the answers is an immense help in finding and solving complex problems.

Ability to Understand the Impact

Developers must always seek to understand how their work affects business outcomes and product end users. Empowering the team’s collaboration to tackle business problems helps product design and development in game-changing ways. This mindset may unlock the team’s full potential and guarantee that attention and effort are appropriately directed.

Strong Communication Skills

A developer with strong communication skills can explain their ideas effectively. Also, they can listen and engage with other team members actively. Their communication abilities can help guarantee that the team is on the same page and working towards a unified objective.

A Blend of Self-Motivation and Authenticity

Developers should have a healthy balance of self-motivation and creativity. Aspired values it when they do something that should be done without being asked and when they go above and beyond to achieve objectives or solve difficulties. Occasionally, highly valued personnel emerge from unexpected sources since they are productive and able to predict challenges in advance and contribute to solutions.

A Joyful and Optimistic Attitude

One of our developers was a real one-of-a-kind: brilliant at his design and deeply committed to his job. He tried to keep things light and entertaining for the staff. While working for a fast-growing tech agency with a demanding schedule, it's crucial to keep morale high, and he did a terrific job of doing just that by playing music and sound effects at our daily standup meetings. Introducing fun elements, like music gamification or playful challenges, into the work can alleviate stress and improve their creativity and problem-solving abilities.


Tenacity is one of the most challenging qualities to determine throughout the interview process and one of the most valuable skills anyone can possess. The ability to apply additional effort to a difficult or complex problem is frequently more valuable than the ability to solve a problem on the first attempt. Therefore, if you look for tenacity while hiring, you'll end up with a staff that can do anything.

Efficiency-with dedication

A developer's laziness is a surprise quality, given that they frequently seek the most efficient solutions. They demonstrate working smarter rather than harder. As a leader, the challenge is determining whether they are dedicated.

Communication About Complex Ideas

One of the essential skills is the capacity to "translate" complex solutions into language easily understood across the company. The ability to communicate in ways that are easily understood or conveyed through a tale can bridge a gap and benefit the entire business.


New developers are like hidden gems waiting to be discovered and polished. Their unique traits and qualities make them assets that can bring fresh perspectives, ideas, and solutions to any project. Their learning abilities are like rays of sunshine that can brighten up any workplace. Their strong problem-solving skills, empathy, teamwork, adaptability, persistence, and determination are superpowers that can save the day and make the impossible possible. Their passion for coding, thirst for knowledge, joyful attitude, and ability to multitask are like magic spells that can transform a simple idea into a masterpiece.

Aspired is the ultimate choice for businesses ready to embrace the unexpected and push the boundaries of what's possible. Our developers are more than tech-savvy - they're innovative thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and tenacious go-getters who live and breathe coding. So, whether you're looking to develop a groundbreaking new app or tackle a complex project that requires a highly skilled team, our development team has the expertise and commitment to make it happen.

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