Baby Dragon: Case Study

A Platformer like no other, players of all ages can have a fun-filled adventure with Baby Dragon.

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Experience A Fun-Filled Amalgamation Of Riveting Gameplay And Aesthetic Design

Take to the skies in the colorful and interactive world of Baby Dargon to test your limits and break records as you move from one level to the next. Select from a colorful assortment of characters and climb across this immersive platformer built for everyone to enjoy.

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Experience Rich Asian Culture Paired with Aesthetic Game Design and Artwork

Baby Dragon is a platformer that puts players into the shoes of a majestic creature from Asian folklore to test their gaming abilities with interactive and fun gameplay. Players of all ages can compete to break records and reach new levels to experience rich Asian history as the game progresses and to achieve new ranks through the completion of each stage.

Get Ready to Breathe Fire and Experience Features Including:

  • Multiple Gameplay

    Challenge friends on Facebook and other media platforms to experience a new dimension of competition

  • Multiple dragons

    Play as multiple dragons and other colorful characters with unique abilities as you advance through the levels with a variety of options to choose from

  • In-App Purchasing

    Buy certain special items from our in-app store and give your gameplay a unique boost from others.

  • Astonishing Sound Effects

    Immerse yourself in exceptional sound effects that make the game and dragons feel alive.

  • Easy finger swipe motions

    Experience engaging gameplay with easy-to-understand controls for both the young ones and the young at heart

Unlock The Hidden Dragon Within You And Soar Through Each Level

A Game Like No Other!

When thinking about mobile games, the endless platformer genre often comes to mind, which is exactly what this game is all about! Leap and bound across vibrant stages bursting with color to collect a mountain of gold coins and reach the top of the leaderboard. But be warned, treacherous obstacles await, ready to challenge you ahead!

Players stay engaged as the challenges get tougher, all while the dazzling artwork takes the stage and makes each level pop out from the screen. Not to mention all the fun features they get to enjoy, which include power-ups, in-app purchases, and unlockable characters.

Aspired’s Part

When we were approached by our client, Asian Hall of Fame, with this creative game idea, we got excited about this novel approach to the 3D platform genre. Our talented remote team joined forces and handled everything from design to development. Shared insight led to the creation of interactive gameplay and aesthetic design choices harmonious with the game and the company. All while the client was included and well-informed throughout each step of the process.

For this project, we provided the studio with five remote resources, including two game developers, a project manager, a game designer, and a QA engineer, all of whom were being managed by Aspired while being connected through remote means with the studio. Overall, the personnel were able to achieve the targets set by Asian Hall of Fame in a seamless and cohesive manner.

Project Challenges

  • Ensuring multiplatform compatibility for a smooth gaming experience .
  • Making intricate levels and mechanics that are easy to learn for all age groups
  • Ensuring the game is free of bugs and glitches .


  • Game developers optimized the game for both iOS and Android while reducing load times and improving performance.
  • Game designers balanced out the aesthetic and mechanics within the game to create a satisfying progression system which added replay value.
  • QA engineers executed effective testing strategies to identify and report bugs and thus ensured functionality by meeting set quality standards.

Technologies Used

Our network of talented minds is steadfast in adopting evolving gaming technologies and strategically utilized the following technologies to produce this adventurous gaming.

Current Status

Baby Dragon is currently finished and awaiting launch on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

With over 600 successful collaborations, we're proud to be integral to our client's market triumph and our journey has only just begun!