A pay-it-forward solution for contributing to grocery lists for the needy

G-Forward Success Story


G-Forward is a pay-it-forward solution that allows participants users to give and receive contributions for completing and delivering a grocery list for a needy person. In addition, users can choose to create and post a list in the app, which other users can see and pitch in their contributions. Users can choose to contribute to some or all the items on any list. Grocery stores affiliated with the app will manage the items and deliver them to the recipient.

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G-Forward Concept

The client approached Aspired to build their concept out as an MVP. This basic app would allow users to make contributions to grocery lists for needy people. Envisioned as a pay-it-forward solution, the details of each recipient would be available in their individual profiles to enable delivery. Payment for the items on the list will be made by app users or a single user who wishes to complete the list.

Mobile app interface

Determining the Principles for G-Forward

Experts at Aspired brainstormed the client’s idea to ascertain how the app could be designed to fit the logic required. Building out this MVP required 6 resources that Aspired aligned and managed until the product was launched.

All participants would be able to produce lists and also make contributions to complete grocery lists. Moreover, grocery stores would need to be a part of this app, through which groceries could be packaged and delivered to recipients’ locations.

A recipient’s profile and location information would need to be accurate so that groceries can be delivered to precise locations.

mobile app preview

Aspired Aligned a Team to Build Out G-Forward after Launching the MVP

Aspired designed and developed the G-Forward app with a secure method for payment contributions, allowing users to help people who post their grocery lists. Aspired resources built out the app with its essential functionality to enable accurate locators for affiliated grocery stores and doorstep delivery precision to recipients.

The MVP was launched successfully and operates smoothly. However, it is being further built out with more grocery stores added to it under a dedicated team from Aspired aligned to build out the complete app. The dedicated team includes:

  • 1 React Native Engineer
  • 1 PHP Engineer
  • 1 DevOps Engineer
  • 1 QA Engineer
  • 1 Product Manager
  • 1 Account Manager

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