Cloud of Venus: Case Study

Power up and explore Venus, enter new levels, collect resources, and discover attack stations in the depths of space.

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An RTS to Put Your Strategy and Planning to The Test

This incredible real-time strategy game will give your brain a run for its money as skillful thinking and strategic planning take the stage, where you’ll have to go through relentless battles and power up to become unbeatable and enter new levels, all while collecting ever-important resources to survive on this cold and desolate planet.

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An Enthralling Gaming Experience for All

Cloud of Venus puts players in the shoes of one of three intriguing superheroes where they get to choose between becoming an assaulter, a sniper, or a warrior to make their way through numerous stations and levels, fight towards victory and upgrade themselves with resources, including gold and gas to enter new arenas.

But that’s not all; those with an appetite for adventure get to explore this cold world of space to discover fascinating powerhouses, resource plants, and space stations but beware as constant battles await at each turn, waiting to test your brain muscles. Strategize with capacity, production, and hit points before attacking to claim a calculated victory for yourself.

Aspired’s Insight

Abraham Labs LLC introduced us to this novel concept which sparked our team’s interest; creating an RTS game is all about intricate levels and giving the players strategic choices which can make or break their gameplay. Our vetted game development team put their heads together with the client to create aesthetic designs and assets for his project, which included badges, characters, resources, weapons, and armor.

Aspired’s project team for Cloud of Venus included 7 resources, including a project manager, a team lead, two game developers, two game designers, and one QA engineer, all of whom worked alongside the client to bring their vision to life on the mobile screen. This dedicated remote development team was able to not only meet the expectations of Abraham Labs LLC but managed to exceed them at every stage of the project.

Enter the Realm of Venus and Explore Features including:

  • A Constantly Evolving World

    Experience a world that evolves alongside players as they level up to rule the planet; it brings more challenging attack stations to test their new-found powers.

  • Next-gen Graphics

    Feast your eyes on jaw-dropping graphics and unrivaled gameplay to match in a mobile game that keeps players hooked with mesmerizing aesthetics.

  • Creative Character Design

    Choose from an assortment of visually stunning and intricately designed characters, each with different powers and abilities for you to master.

  • Challenges to Test Your Skills

    Test your planning and strategy, as each battle requires intricate thinking, where choosing the right battle at the right time can make all the difference.

  • Engaging Resource Collection

    Explore this barren wasteland and discover gold storages, gold miners, gas storage, and gas stations to collect resources and boost your gameplay.

Enter The Cold Depths Of Space and Emerge Victorious On Venus.

Project Challenges

  • Developing the game’s AI to adapt to the player's behavior over time to understand and predict player preferences, playstyle, and skill level to provide a customized experience.
  • Developing intricate game systems that interact with each other and provide a cohesive and immersive experience, including complex combat mechanics and intricate level design.
  • Ensuring the game can handle emergent gameplay situations where players interact with the game mechanics unexpectedly.


  • Developers utilized advanced machine learning algorithms to create a system capable of understanding and adapting to the player’s decisions, trained it using game-specific data, and integrated it with the game's decision-making processes.
  • Designers created flexible and interactive environments that respond to unexpected player actions, while the game developers utilized advanced programming techniques to ensure smooth interactions between different game elements and mechanics.
  • The QA engineer rigorously tested the game, exploring different player paths, experimenting with interactions, and identifying inconsistencies or issues while providing valuable feedback to the development team, ensuring emergent gameplay.

Technologies Used

Our network of talented minds is steadfast in adopting evolving gaming technologies and strategically utilized the following technologies to produce this adventurous gaming.

Current Status

Cloud of Venus is yet to launch as our creative experts are working steadfastly to devise the lore for this game that’s as deep as the cold embrace of space.

With over 600 successful collaborations, we're proud to be integral to our client's market triumph and our journey has only just begun!