Why And How Do We Hire Only the Top Talent?

Why And How Do We Hire Only the Top Talent?

The war of talent is a term that was first coined by McKinsey's Steven Hankin all the way back in 1997 and was popularized in 2001 with the book of the same name, both of which focused on the increasingly fierce competition in attracting and reining talented employees. The term and book may have been introduced all those years ago, but their message remains relevant to this day.

This war of talent remains prevalent even now as employers look to hire and retain top talent by any means necessary. Within this war, Aspired has consistently strived to acquired top talent, by making employees the epicenter of its culture and operations. Our passionate remote resources challenge the status quo through innovative ideas and advanced technical skills that result in the success of tech companies.

Now you might start asking how we do it. Well, how about we double that and spill the beans on how we hire top talent and why we hire top talent? But before getting into the thick of it, we have to address the fact that successful hiring doesn't come without challenges, so let's look at the adversities faced in the hiring world today.

Hiring Challenges

Hiring managers across the globe face several challenges and complexities, which are provided in the form of the following LinkedIn statistics.

  • 63% of all recruiters report that a lack of qualified applicants is their top challenge
  • 75% of recruiters have experienced candidates changing their minds after they've signed the offer letter
  • Nearly 76% percent of employers have stated finding qualified candidates is the main challenge they face
  • 70% of the entire workforce comprises passive talent that isn't looking for jobs, while the other 30% are actively looking for jobs

How Do You Define Top Talent

From a general perspective, top talent simply refers to those who possess an ideal combination of skills, experience, education, attitude, and soft skills that allow them to excel in their preferred work role. However, these are the definite prerequisites that every employer on the planet is assessing, so you might ask how Aspired's hiring differs from everyone else's.

Here’s how. In addition to the aforementioned qualities, Aspired focuses on the candidate's ability to.

  • Take the initiative when needed
  • Motivate themselves and others
  • Consistently achieve results
  • Go above and beyond the status quo

Why We Hire the Top Talent

Aspired focuses on hiring only the cream of the crop irrespective of how the hiring market may look like; this effort of ours is fueled by several reasons that are provided below.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Acquiring talented and skilled personnel is the first step in gaining a competitive advantage over rival businesses. These new hires can use their experience to streamline several processes within Aspired, giving us an upper hand against competitors.

These individuals can also influence the existing workforce by introducing positive behavioral elements that improve morale to a great degree. Our teams thus enable us to provide top-notch customer service that others can't match.

Fostering Business Growth

We believe that the best way to secure our business's future is to hire youthful and inspirational individuals that can contribute to our growth and overall success in the long run.

With the progression of time, these exact individuals will be at the forefront of all our successful operations, motivating newcomers and setting robust business standards leading to Aspired's long-term success. In addition, these hires also foster business growth by informing us how we can present our brand in a manner that attracts even more excellent talent!

Bringing About Innovation

These new recruits are often in the form of fresh graduates with limitless potential for creativity and innovative thinking. These kinds of youthful yet talented minds prove to be critical assets for Aspired due to the novel and innovative ideas they provide to our company.

In turn, we are faced with suggestions and concepts that allow us to propel ourselves towards benefit from their brilliant thought processes. This factor becomes increasingly important when considering the nature of technological advances and how we as a business need to meet new standards of innovation and technology on a daily.

How We Hire the Top Talent

Creating A Positive Work Culture

The mentality of job seekers has changed from what we've experienced in the past; with increasing concerns regarding mental health and toxic workplace culture nowadays, individuals look to gain jobs in companies that provide a well-balanced and positive workplace culture that allows them to create an effective work-life balance.

Aspired attracts top talent by embodying a sense of positivity and inclusion within its work culture and workplace environment. These factors enable Aspired to present itself in a much more welcoming manner that is free from discrimination and harassment, the cases of which are seen in a number of companies these days.

Creating Effective Job Descriptions

Job descriptions serve as the introductory documentation for an employee that wishes to join the ranks of Aspired's skilled resources. As most companies do, Aspired provides an in-depth job description that focuses on describing, in immaculate detail, the roles and responsibilities that a specific job entails, along with the experience and skills required to fill those shoes.

However, we go a step ahead of the norm and focus on integrating relevant company guidelines which focus on positive opportunities for the professional growth of our employees. We further focus on creating a sense of belonging by showcasing the fact that employment isn't simply a give-and-take process here; rather, it's a mutual agreement built upon trust, respect, and loyalty.

Staying in Contact with Quality Candidates

When considering all those instances where Aspired is faced with high-quality candidates that would have been a perfect fit but couldn't be hired at that moment due to declining the offer or any other circumstances, we make sure to maintain contact with these individuals so that they can be referred to in the future as well.

These prospective candidates can even grow their skills and competency for the time being, thus increasing their value. Then, when the time is right, Aspired can reconnect with them to present better employment opportunities that will allow them to become a part of Aspired's successful teams.


The top tech companies of the world are driven by the top talent that displays excellent technical skills paired with a winning mentality that allows their businesses to reach new heights in the global business world. We believe that a company is only as good as the talent it houses, which is why we always aim to hire the top talent, which brings us an abundance of benefits.

Hiring top talent isn't a piece of cake, but if you're a company looking to hire the best of the bunch, then we've got an offer you can't refuse! So, join hands with Aspired today and say goodbye to all your hiring blues.

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