Where Do NFT Games Make The Most Sense?

Where Do NFT Games Make The Most Sense?

NFTs, since their inception, have made a great impact on the world. The widespread adoption of NFTs has led to their rapid evolution in almost all aspects of the crypto space. Gaming in particular has seen an unprecedented surge in NFTs-centric game concepts, specifically speaking Play-to-earn (P2E) Games, since the Rise of NFTs.

Needless to say, nowadays ‘Metaverse’ projects have NFTs as a fundamental prerequisite for a full-circle user experience, and rightly so. Crypto-innovators are coming up with new and exciting ways to apply NFTs into our daily lives to derive more value, control, and transparency as compared to the traditional manner of things.

Looking beyond the smoke screens, NFTs have legitimately generated a massive market, bringing in a substantial amount of revenue. In fact, in 2021, NFT game sales hit a new high at a whopping $5.17 billion, according to VentureBeat & Nonfungible.com, despite being a newer concept at the time. A testament to the global enthusiasm that drove early adoption – many still believe that this is just the beginning.

With any new technology in gaming, it begs the question, how will NFT enable the gaming experience to expand? In this article, we’re examining a similar, possibly more practical question: Where do NFT games make the most sense?

Asset Farming Games

The obvious first choice is games in which players accrue assets (including characters, skins, in-game articles with variable significance, etc.). As of the time of this writing, Alien Worlds - is a Play-&-Earn game powered by WAX & Binance Smart Chain and also supports Ethereum.

The concept is much like Star Trek in that it is set in a dystopian future with space, aliens, and exploration at its core and it channels your inner space explorer whereby players are able to lease spacecraft for voyages or missions to discover new worlds and items (i.e. NFTs).

Each world offers a unique experience. Players collect digital items (NFTs) from a different world that give them in-boosts attributes that enable accelerated progress, players can stake their rewards, i.e. discovered digital items or tokens in order to participate in upcoming Planetary Elections.

Albeit, some parts of the game seem dated but the overall user experience is good. All in all, the high-volume NFTs trading activity makes it one of, if not the most successful game in the market today. It's certainly fair to say that games revolving around farming assets are a fitting place for expanding NFT adoption and daily activities.

Currency-based Console Games

Considering the quality of games PS5 & Xbox Series X owners enjoy, many games already have fully functional or at the very least, partially functional currency systems. Action and adventure games from Grand Theft Auto to Far Cry, even some Open-world games like Skyrim or Elder Scrolls games challenge players to collect in-game currency, buy in-consumables or assets, and so on; sports genre games like PES, FIFA & NBA 2K now entail contract & endorsement management for in-game characters.

So far, there aren’t many companies endorsing the NFT boom, companies like Steam have banned NFTs in their games for the foreseeable future conversely, Microsoft is wholeheartedly expressing its interest in leveraging NFTs. Evidently, companies are beginning to realize the utility NFTs offer to players and the financial opportunity for companies to utilize them which is why we believe in the next 5 years, NFTs will be a big part of console games, especially for Battle Royale-styled games.

Casino Based Games

It has certainly taken a while but we’re finally starting to see NFT games catching on in Casino games such as Slots & Slings. In the coming years, it is expected that Casino games will predominantly adopt crypto and NFT as the concept of the Metaverse concept extends to Casino-gaming as well. By-and-large casino games have fostered a Go-Big-Or-Go-Home experience which sits quite well with most crypto gamers, especially if they have a chance to win a one-of-a-kind NFT via slots or slings game.

Role Playing Games or RPGs

Over the last decade, mobile gaming has risen to prominence. Crypto and specifically NFTs have furthered the reach and popularity of mobile games with the added incentive of playing and earning money for their efforts. In particular, fighting and RPGs have a vast fan following and lead the charts in terms of active players.

The Shadow Sun, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and even the blockbuster "Infinity Blade 3" are some of the greatest and most cherished RPGs. The likes of "Marvel Contest Of Champions," "Injustice 2," and "Mortal Kombat" stand out when it comes to fighting games. The variations between each of these games are now rather noticeable. But in some ways, they're all dependent on collections—of people, things, successes, etc. It seems inevitable to include NFTs in the collections.

All of these hypotheses and projections lack absolute certainty. But they do illustrate the breadth of NFTs' continuing promise in the gaming industry.

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