Symfony Vs. Laravel: Which PHP Framework to Choose?

Symfony Vs. Laravel: Which PHP Framework to Choose?

Every web development project begins with the key decision of picking the right PHP framework. Web developers are so well acquainted with PHP that, according to a source, over 1,600,000 websites are developed using PHP frameworks in the US alone.

In this battle for supremacy, the good part is that web developers have narrowed the options, and now, you only have to choose from the best. In other words, despite more than three dozen PHP frameworks available, decide among the most popular choices; Symfony or Laravel.

But before diving into the debate and possibly crowning the undisputed champion of PHP frameworks, let's get one thing clear: Symfony and Laravel are extremely reliable and vigorous options for any web development project.

Nevertheless, you may prefer one framework over the other based on your goals, skills & experience requirements, available documentation, and most importantly, the nature of your web development project.

Generally speaking, if you are looking for a framework that would complement a smaller project, Laravel is what you should opt for. And if the nature of your project is complex and long-term, Symfony framework is known for providing steady, highly efficient, and robust web solutions.

What is the Purpose of Frameworks?

Software programming is no walk in the park. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, the programming language you choose for a project dictates the ease or difficulty of a development process and the features they offer.

This is where frameworks step in. Frameworks offer well-organized, maintainable, and reusable code. As a result, they don't just help web developers create more complex web applications with less effort but also provide them with prebuilt software packages that accelerate development.
However, before you choose between the two exceptional frameworks PHP offers, you should understand what they are about before deciding which one truly fits your project needs.

Which Framework Is Better in Terms of Functionality?

Before understanding the functionality of each of the frameworks, it is substantial to comprehend their structure. Though both of these frameworks are open-source, they have some clear variances in their structure.

Though both frameworks offer similar features, such as templating, built-in support for routing, and authentication, they also have some clear differences in functionality.

Symfony framework is a framework that uses a third-party project approach to interact with the database. On the contrary, Laravel uses a built-in library.

Symfony's emphasis on stability and robustness gives it a clear edge over Laravel regarding enterprise-level projects. Additionally, the symphony enjoys greater compatibility with object-oriented programming than the rival framework.

Symfony vs. Laravel: The Pros and Cons

Symfony and Laravel are hands down the two of the most prominent PHP frameworks in the market today. But each has its pros and cons, which helps us choose the right one for our project. Here is a look:



  • You don't need to update this framework to get the latest version of PHP features.
  • You can integrate with the latest apps and email services with the help of a simple API.
  • You can also integrate this PHP framework with third-party platforms and libraries.
  • It has a huge catalog of additional tools that always come in handy.


  • The mobile web solutions built on this framework will take more time to load.
  • You risk sabotaging your source code when opting for an update to the latest version of the framework.



  • It has an enormous community.
  • This framework is used by renowned platforms like eZ Publish, Magento, and Drupal.
  • It is frequently updated according to the developers' needs.


  • Its learning curve is steep, so it is nott considered a beginner-friendly framework.
  • The development time using this framework is usually longer due to the grueling testing phase because of the same prebuilt code used for multiple purposes.

Which PHP Framework to Choose?

Laravel PHP framework is very user-friendly, which means it is the best choice you can make when you are just getting started and has little hands-on experience in PHP frameworks. Its directory structure and naming conventions are great for new developers, and it also has a massive community, which is always helpful for getting your queries answered.

On the other hand, Symfony has been around for a long time and, therefore, more stable than its counterpart. In addition, the layout of Symfony is easy-to-browse as it keeps everything neat and organized in the directory files. It also offers better documentation than Laravel, which can help make things easier for beginners trying to understand what's what.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that both Symfony and Laravel are great PHP frameworks, but they are also unique in their own way. In conclusion, Symfony is a great option for large, complex projects, while Laravel makes a better choice for smaller projects or prototypes.

Make sure you choose the right framework for your project to allow you to create alluring, efficient, and robust PHP applications.

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