How Will Artificial Intelligence Reshape Our World In 2023

How Will Artificial Intelligence Reshape Our World In 2023

The technology that was once considered a domain of science fiction is now set to become an integral part of our everyday lives. We watched movies depicting AI taking over the world in the past, but now we’ve started to use it routinely for mundane tasks. The rapidly changing landscape of Artificial Intelligence has presented us with novel innovations that have taken the world by storm; these advances aren’t looking to stop any time soon, which shows how it’s set to reshape the world as we know it. But exactly what is it that makes AI so special?

What Makes AI Special?

Artificial intelligence has proven to be a beneficial tool for all kinds of users, whether it be in rapid decision-making or enhancing business processes; the main benefits of AI are presented as follows:

  • Automation: AI allows us to automate tedious tasks and processes, thus lessening our fatigue and saving up time
  • Analysis and Accuracy: AI can analyze data in a fast and accurate manner which allows for more in-depth interpretation of data and faster decision-making
  • Enhancement: Through the property of intelligence, this technology can enhance preexisting data, processes, products, and services, which provide improved user experiences

The advantageous nature of AI fuels its presence in the world today; it’s no wonder why everyone is wondering what new advances the world will make with this ever-advancing technology. However, what we may think of as the future of technology is unfolding right in front of us today!

AI Isn’t the Future; it’s Now!

Humanity is currently going through an AI-powered overhaul across all industries, as seen through the integration of Artificial intelligence principles in IoT, big data, and robotics, and let’s not forget the talk of the town these days; generative AI, which has given as tools such as ChatGPT and AI art generators that have been introduced to the mainstream for everyone to use.

But even these technologies will start to look obsolete compared to the advances we’ll be seeing this year; according to an article by Builtin, almost 44% of companies are looking to invest in AI for business integration and enhancement.

Even when considering the mainstream utilization of AI, Forbes has stated that a few years back, 84% of us were using AI daily, while only 34% knew it was being utilized in their everyday endeavors, which spanned from ordering food, shopping online, listening to music or even conducting simple online research. These facts show that AI has already become a part of everyday life at an alarming rate.

With AI becoming the center of all technological advancement these past years, we only need to assess how this technological miracle will reshape our world in 2023.

AI Reshaping the World

No industry under the sun is safe from the AI takeover; companies including Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Google are spending billions to create services and products, making AI more prominent in several sectors, whether they be starting their AI journey or have already been fairing through the storm.

AI and Industrial Change

All major industries will get a taste of AI sooner or later this year, mainly in performing objective functions through data-trained models which fall under machine learning and deep learning.

This is due to the ramped-up collection and analysis of data in recent years, the ever-enhancing processing speeds of computers, and the proliferation of connected devices, all of which are changing the following areas of major industries:


AI has constantly fueled the development of robotics and manufacturing bots, as seen in how robotic arms are often used in assembly lines for inhumane tasks. However, progression in this field will see AI-enabled robots performing the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, all through predictive analysis sensors, which will keep the equipment running seamlessly and intelligently.


With advanced AI-integrated education, all ages of students will experience the inclusion of natural language processing, facial recognition systems, and machine learning, which will lead to the creation of tailored educational experiences, including digitization of textbooks and educational facilities along with gauging the emotional state of students to assess areas where they me be struggling.


The interaction between medical providers and humans is also witnessing an AI integration, primarily due to big data analysis capabilities. AI is set to streamline and speed up the drug discovery process, identify diseases more quickly and accurately, and monitor patients’ vital signs through virtual nursing assistants.


Recent developments in the automotive industry have drastically changed the way vehicles operate. Industry leaders such as Tesla and Porsche have launched self-driving cars that can go from point A to point B without limited human input. Apart from this, AI travel planners have also become a significant part of the travel and tourism industry, providing customers with personalized travel experiences.


Mainstream media has also started to harness the power of AI, as seen in how journalists have started to use automated insights, which have produced thousands of earning reports and stories per year. This, along with the advent of AI writing tools such as ChatGPT, will do writing within different media forms a cinch in 2023.

How AI Will Reshape Society

With AI becoming an indispensable part of our lives, it will surely infiltrate and reshape society as we know it; the question here is what avenues this technology will change. To answer this, the main changes that AI will have on society as a whole are provided as follows:

Job Automation

The workplace will be the first to experience the impact of AI, as several jobs will become automated, especially when considering the more technologically advanced economies of the world. What was once considered a viable option for low-skilled jobs is now being used in legal research, as seen in how law firms have started to use AI to analyze contracts.

Media companies have also planned to delegate repetitive journalistic tasks to computers, all while advertising agencies and movie production companies have started to use AI to generate soundtracks and even entire song lyrics.

Intellectual Property

An important question in this AI revolution is what happens when AI systems generate logos, songs, articles, and even entire videos. Who would own the copyrights of these? The ones who gave the relevant prompt, the ones who trained the system, the developers that built the AI model, or the AI systems themselves? A new set of regulations must be established to protect AI-generated products by patents or copyright. The need to update these rules is shown by how creators have started to sue AI companies, including DeviantArt and Midjourney, for copyright infringement.


The fact that AI can easily generate convincing fake content is a matter of concern for the general public, media outlets, and governments. With the progression of this technology, it will become increasingly difficult to differentiate between what’s real and fake, which could become a tool for malicious actors to amplify online disinformation.

Disinformation at such a large scale will adversely impact society as a whole, as false information will become much easier to generate and spread. If such a malicious activity becomes automated, it will raise an entirely new level of concern on a global scale.

Automated Decision Making

Tech companies and even governments have started to use AI for automated decision-making, which includes those that could potentially have life-altering consequences. This includes selecting qualified candidates for jobs, choosing who’s eligible to receive social benefits and even making legal decisions regarding jail time.

Although predictive AI can make quick and effective decisions, many might find it unacceptable to leave such decision-making in the hands of a robot that doesn’t possess any humane qualities.

Ethical and Explainable AI

As shown above, AI still has a way to go when making decisions, which becomes a matter of concern when considering the factor of AI bias and how it has been seen to produce skewed results in the past. The factors of disinformation and intellectual property also don’t favor this technology.

To overcome these adversities, its integral to develop ethical and explainable AI so that we can know how it makes certain decisions and what data it bases them on for trust to be established between man and machine. This will also lead to the operation of these AI systems being in line with our ethical values, potentially making it more helpful in producing positive outcomes.


The fascination of humans with ever-advancing technologies leads to their daily integration into our lives, and why wouldn’t it? Isn’t human ease the focal point of all technological advancement in the first place?

Well, the answer is yes; AI has made our lives much easier in current times, from helping us create vivid content on the go to making everyday decisions for us. Considering the rate at which this technology is growing, the time isn’t far when most, if not all, elements within our world will have a sense of computer-generated intelligence within them.

With AI seemingly becoming the technological innovator for the foreseeable future, a wise decision would be to make the most out of AI engineers that companies can leverage to onset their AI-integrated transformation.

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