ChatGPT4 – Discover 6 Mind-blowing Updates Today!

ChatGPT4 – Discover 6 Mind-blowing Updates Today!

The War of AI Models is on, and OpenAI is winning it uncontested. ChatGPT 4, the latest iteration of OpenAI's groundbreaking language model, has arrived, and it's packed with new features and upgrades that promise to revolutionize how we interact with AI chatbots. Released on the 14th of March by OpneAI, ChatGPT 4 promises to build on the success of its previous version while expanding its capabilities and output. From increased word limits to image analysis capabilities, the new features of ChatGPT-4 will blow your mind.

If you are an AI enthusiast, a business owner looking to leverage this breathtaking technology, or someone who wants to keep up with the latest trends, this blog is for you. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the mind-blowing updates with ChatGPT-4 and draw a preliminary comparison between the two AI models.

6 Mind-blowing Updates of ChatGPT 4

Word limit increased

Copywriters and content marketers can’t have enough of ChatGPT 4, and its creative accuracy is just one part of the reason. They can now unleash their creativity with 2500 words in one go! Yes, you read it right. The first major upgrade that ChatGPT-4 brings is a massive increase in the word limit. While ChatGPT-3 could generate responses up to 3,000 words, ChatGPT-4 can handle up to 25,000 words. This eight-fold increase in word limit will allow users to generate longer, more in-depth responses and have more meaningful conversations with the AI chatbot.

Can decipher images

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what if an AI chatbot could decipher and analyze images and visual content? Well, that’s just happened. ChatGPT-4 can now decipher images, which is a significant improvement over the previous version. With this new feature, users can upload images to ChatGPT-4, and the chatbot can analyze and understand them. The AI model can now express logical ideas about images, which means that it can answer questions related to images.

More safety regulations

After facing controversy over its previous models, OpenAI has implemented more safety guardrails to make ChatGPT-4 more suitable for societal use. The new safety guardrails will make it more difficult for people to try to outsmart ChatGPT-4 by making it say something controversial or trying to "jailbreak" it with prompts. Developers have stated that it is now 82 percent less likely to "respond to requests for disallowed content." These new safety guardrails will help ensure that ChatGPT-4 remains a reliable and safe tool for users.

More Accurate

ChatGPT-4 is also more accurate than its predecessor, ChatGPT-3. Developers have stated that ChatGPT-4 is 40 percent more likely to give more factual answers than ChatGPT-3. This means that users can rely on ChatGPT-4 to provide more accurate information and answer their questions.

Can pass exams

Beware, examiners and college professors. Your nightmare just got bigger and more efficient. Under the new model, ChatGPT-4 "outperforms ChatGPT by scoring in higher approximate percentiles among test-takers." This includes the Uniform Bar Exam, SAT, and GRE. With this new feature, ChatGPT-4 can help students prepare for exams and provide them with accurate and helpful answers to their questions.

More languages available

Finally, ChatGPT-4 is available in 26 languages, making it a truly global language model. While ChatGPT was most popular with English speakers, the new version of the AI chatbot will be able to answer questions accurately across multiple languages, making it an invaluable tool for people around the world.

Comparison Between ChatGPT 3 and ChatGPT 4

To have a better understanding of how powerfully equipped the latest AI model by OpenAI, the following is a table that will help:


ChatGPT 3

ChatGPT 4

Natural Language Understanding

✓ High accuracy in processing natural language queries

✓ Enhanced natural language understanding capabilities

Response Accuracy

✓ Highly accurate responses to complex queries

✓ Improved accuracy in generating precise and informative responses

Multilingual Capabilities

✓ Able to understand and generate responses in multiple languages

✓ Improved multilingual capabilities, making it more versatile

Contextual Awareness

✓ Can understand the context of queries

✓ Enhanced contextual awareness, generating appropriate responses for formal and informal settings

Training Data

✓ Trained on a large amount of text data

✓ Trained on even more text data, making it more powerful


✓ Consisted of 175 billion parameters

✓ Consists of even more parameters, making it the most potent language model so far

Multimedia Processing

❌ Unable to process multimedia like images

✓ Capable of processing multimedia like images

Response Word Count

Response Word Count

Produces up to 2500 words in a single response

The Impact of ChatGPT 4 on Tech Business

The emergence of AI technology, such as ChatGPT, has brought significant enhancements to businesses in various sectors. ChatGPT's highly trained AI assistant allows firms to execute tasks faster and with greater precision. However, the leverage point for businesses now lies in directing and strategizing with this AI assistant to make sound decisions that will enhance business outcomes.

Companies need individuals who can “think” on a higher level and understand how to manage resources effectively. Therefore, the demand for individuals with a strategic mindset is on the rise as ChatGPT amplifies the strategy’s effectiveness. Improved thinking and strategizing can transform businesses by optimizing operational efficiency and creating a competitive edge in the industry.


As you've just learned, ChatGPT4 is a dynamic and constantly improving language model pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve with AI technology. The mind-blowing updates revealed will take your breath away with their ingenuity and usefulness. From its advanced content creation features to its unparalleled problem-solving capabilities, ChatGPT4 is a true marvel of innovation. The future of AI is bright, with ChatGPT4 leading the way!

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