5 Best Practices for Hiring Cloud Application Developers

5 Best Practices for Hiring Cloud Application Developers

With all its amazing advantages and capabilities, cloud computing has made huge inroads in the software industry in the last decade. IT professionals called it a win-win situation as companies no longer required their staff to babysit their servers. However, if data security, high performance, and advanced mobility promises were not enough for businesses to choose cloud computing over in-house data servers, the pandemic did the rest to make it the obvious option.

It all happened when legacy virtual private networks gave up to accommodate the abrupt increase in remote users; cloud computing was at the rescue of many industries leading to cloud-first and cloud-preferred policies. Ever since, the idea of storing data in devices and servers, which require a lot of maintenance and look after, slowly began to evaporate.

Fast forward to today, a survey from TechJury suggests nearly 6 out of every ten businesses in 2022 preferred moving their work to the cloud. And the graph seems to go even steeper in the foreseeable future. According to EarthWeb , nearly 94% of all companies across the globe are using cloud computing in their operations.

A Look at the Global Cloud App Market Size

It is 2022, and the global cloud app market size is surging as a report by Market Research Future (MRFR) projects the market to reach USD 126.46 Billion at a CAGR of 21.38% by 2030. The ever-growing demand for faster data storage and high processing power is driving this market, and the growth rate is expected to see more rise.

The primary drivers for this growth are increased adoption and implementation of cloud-based applications among enterprises and small-to-medium-sized businesses, as well as the growing trend towards adopting hybrid cloud models for businesses seeking improved flexibility and scalability.

Cloud application development has been one of the fastest-growing areas among all types of software development over recent years, and it's anticipated that this will continue into 2023.

Why are Cloud App Developers in a High Demand?

Cloud application development is on the rise, and it is because it offers increased scalability, reduced costs, cut-down development time, and geographic reach and one of the major advantages also includes near-autonomous operations, managed even remotely. No companies in 2022 can survive the competition and plan to stay ahead of the game without improving the agility and resilience of their business. And one way of doing it is turning to cloud app development and adoption.

In order to do so, companies are looking for teams of experts in cloud app development who are highly skilled and up-to-date with the latest technologies. But here lies the problem - remarkably skilled and experienced cloud app developers are hard to come by and even harder to keep.

According to CNCF , over 7 million cloud developers are working worldwide. But you can only a selected number bring genuine value backed with real-world experience & sound strategy. So, how do companies get their hands on experienced cloud app developers without facing pitfalls and disrupting their processes?

Here’s a guide to help you narrow your search with a high chance of finding the right fit:

Determine Your Business Needs

What is the exact problem your business aims to solve by hiring cloud app developers? Do you need to develop a cloud application or just want help maintaining it? Do you want your systems to migrate to the cloud, or do you want to modernize your existing cloud ecosystem? Based on the answers to these questions, you can narrow down your options.

Similarly, you need to address the individual requirements, like how many hours a week this person will be working for you. Is there anything about your existing development process that they should know? Does your work schedule support them in performing the duties required by your project?

A lot of people forget about this step and jump straight into the process of hiring cloud developers, which could prove detrimental for their business—knowing what level of expertise, amount of time, and amount of resources you require for your business make you more likely to make the most feasible choice.

Look for Potential IT Vendors

Your pursuit for a potential IT vendor must begin with the listing, assessing, and interviewing a few. This will help you narrow down your hiring process for quality cloud app developers. Usually, things to look for in an IT vendor are their compliance with IP regulations, prior software development practices, project management approach, high-load app development experience, and communication standards.

On the contrary, looking up individual developers for your job is also a great option. However, it will require you added levels of assessment and evaluation. In this case, a company should look for candidates with prior cloud experience, certifications, and references. Companies should also look at their previous work and determine if it aligns with what they're looking for. Finally, it is about ensuring that the potential hiring is available and willing to do the work in your desired schedule. This should close the deal.

Ask The Right Questions

By now, you will have a few names on the list that will be eager to become a part of your team. This is where asking important questions will help you better filter out the most suitable developers. The idea is to look for someone who aligns with your business strategy and delivers the right services.

  • What languages do you know, and what technologies have you worked with?
  • What industries did you work for? And what markets did you focus on?
  • How will you work with our team, and what do you hope to bring to the table?
  • How do you ensure Intellectual Property (IP) protection?
  • What does your development process looks like?
  • How will you ensure transparent project progress and communication?

Hire the Finalized Developers

After having shortlisted a few potential cloud application developers and weighed their standings, you can reflect on their confidence, skillset, and quality of the development process. Once done, you can make the final call based on data, stats and your general sense of alignment with each candidate.

Once you are confident that X, Y, and Z are a good fit, finalize your hiring by providing them with a contract and making sure that the details of the work involved in the project are clearly stated. Again, keep your communication channels open so as not to lose valuable time.

Hiring cloud application developers can sometimes be daunting, but if these five steps are followed correctly, it should be a breeze!

Bonus Step: Partner Up and Initiate the Development Process

Finding the best developers for your idea is a difficult and time-consuming process until you get working experience and can assess the developer's depth of skills and expertise. This is why it is important to partner up and initiate a preliminary project the development process as soon as possible so that you can better identify what you need and how much it will cost. This will surely be on the subject to the client’s capacity to accommodate a test project setting, but it is totally worth it.

You can outsource your entire project and ask the development team to work on the entire development process from scratch until the market launch. Or you can also seek remote developers' services to power up your on-site teams and accelerate the ongoing development processes with external talent.

Final Word

In this day and age, it's no longer enough for software companies to just have a good product or service - you also need to update your development processes with innovative technology and market shifts to drive customers back into your business. That's where cloud application development comes in - it allows businesses to scale up their processing powers, reduce development times, enjoy enhanced monitoring, and save a fortune in cost.

But to make all of this happen will require a team of skilled cloud app developers. If you’re ready to your give an business an edge over the rest, empower your business by working with Aspired and assemble your dream team of cloud app developers today!

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