10 Cool Things You Can Do with ChatGPT

10 Cool Things You Can Do with ChatGPT

With new artificial intelligence systems being thrown into the digital world as fast as you can say AI, there’s one that’s garnered insurmountable popularity in a short period. Of course, you might have already guessed which AI this is, as without a shadow of a doubt Open AI’s ChatGPT has taken the world by storm.

It crossed the 100 million users mark last month and isn’t looking to stop by any means. However, we’ve barely scratched the surface regarding what this autoregressive language model can do!

To show you what this AI system is capable of, we’ve put together this blog which will focus on 10 cool things ChatGPT can do.

But where are our manners? It’s better to get acquainted with our newfound AI companion before we talk about its abilities.

What is Chat GPT?

Explaining what our new AI friend is would be a cinch, but who could do it better than the AI itself? So, let’s ask and see what ChatGPT has to say.

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With a bit of creativity to the prompt, ChatGPT can impressively understand and write natural language, which is one of its defining features. Not to mention the fact that it can recall all the discussions you’ve had throughout an entire conversation session.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; now we’re getting to the fun part, where we’ll learn how this miraculous AI can do much more than just talk the talk.

Cool Things You Can Do With Chat GPT

Write Code

You read that right! Both experienced and new developers can leverage ChatGPT to write code for a specific problem or task or even edit prewritten code for you. Here you can specify the programming language and data to get the most optimum results.

To test it out, we asked ChatGPT to: write a simple C# code for creating a triangle out of asterisks.

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Solve Math Problems

Going beyond the dimension of words and code, ChatGPT can solve complex math problems while providing a step-by-step solution assisted with an explanation. For example, look at how we’ve asked it to solve a tricky math problem to test how it fairs when given data in a complex manner.

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Explain in a Particular Style

Providing explanations is an established and well-known feature of ChatGPT, but here’s where it gets fun! You can ask it to explain something in a specific way, such as explain a complex topic such as quantum physics to a 12-year-old or how we’ve asked it for an explanation on how to make coffee in a pirate accent, the results of which are quite humorous, to say the least.

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Write Poems

Moving from technicalities to creatives, ChatGPT can also create art in the form of beautiful poems and sonnets on any topic or subject that you’d like. To show a glimpse of its poetic prowess, we asked ChatGPT to write a short poem on a random topic to see how it fairs, and you can see the results below.

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Differentiate Between Data

Intelligence is a humane ability that allows us to identify patterns to separate and categorize different kinds of information. Being the miraculous AI that it is, ChatGPT can identify, extract and even differentiate data based on its types. We provided it with relevant information and asked to state each fact within the data separately through categorization.

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Grade Your Work

Both teachers and students can leverage the power of ChatGPT as it can provide reviews and critical analyses and even grade your assignments based on their structure and data. You can provide ChatGPT with any essay and ask for it to be graded and commented on, similar to how a teacher would do it.

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Provide Creative Ideas

The creative process can be quite straining, especially when trying to force ideas, whether for an art piece, remodeling your house, decorations for an event, or unique party themes. But ChatGPT has got you covered here as well.

You can ask it to provide detailed and creative concepts, which you can then apply in real life, as shown by how we asked ChatGPT to provide us with an idea for a children’s Halloween party.

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Our AI friend even goes the extra mile by reminding us to be safe when implementing these ideas.

Create a Movie Script

The creativity doesn’t end here as ChatGPT can even provide you with an entire script of a movie, drama, or play on any topic, where you can specify characters, environments, and even how the story and dialogue will pan out.

To show its script-writing prowess, we asked ChatGPT to produce a short horror movie script.

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Create Content in Any Language

English isn’t the only language ChatGPT knows; being a large-scale language generation model, it can understand and write several natural languages. To test it out asked for a short Facebook ad written in Japanese.

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Create Conversations Between Your Favourite Characters and Personalities

How cool would it be if we could get a conversation between Elon Muska and Nikola Tesla, the man that’s the inspiration for his electric car company?

Although we won’t get the pleasure of seeing a real meeting of these personalities, ChatGPT can provide us with what could have been a chat for the ages.

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Ready To Create With GPT? Keep This in Mind!

With all these cool things ChatGPT can do, you’d want to start creating with its mystical AI powers immediately. But be mindful of the fact that even this miracle worker of yours has limitations too, which it provides for you right at the start.

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So don’t forget that ChatGPT is prone to inaccuracies, although not at an alarming rate. Still, verifying the data this AI provides for you can make all the difference, especially when you’re looking to use its data for your work.


Probably the biggest buzzword of this year up until now, ChatGPT is redefining the boundaries of AI in creativity and technical ability. Although we’ve provided several things this revolutionary AI can do, future updates within this system may allow us to do much more than what has been discussed today.

We’ve merely presented the tip of the iceberg in what could be the stepping stone towards integrating AI into everyday tasks and even jobs. If you’re a tech company looking to adopt AI and hire remote developers to future-proof your business, then Aspired can make that journey simple and easy for you with its remote development expertise.

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