The Aspired Difference: Why Our Remote Teams Stand Out in The Crowd

The Aspired Difference: Why Our Remote Teams Stand Out in The Crowd

The perilous COVID-19 pandemic brought about a revolutionary change within the world of business which would end up altering the state of everyday employment as we know it. From what we’ve said so far, you might have already guessed it and must know that we’re talking about the now common remote work trend.

Before the pandemic, the concept of remote work was limited to merely a few tech businesses and was mostly being used within the field of IT due to its tech-savvy nature. An article by Forbes shows that on a larger scale, only 5 percent of full-time office employees primarily worked from their homes. However, this statistic would see an unprecedented upsurge during the pandemic as remote work would end up becoming the norm of everyday work operations not only throughout the pandemic but even long after its conclusion.

Remote Work Now a Mainstay

This massive transition has brought about ease for both employees and employers alike due to benefits including, but not limited to, better work-life balance, improved productivity, and cost savings. Furthermore, statistics by findstack have shown that 16% of companies across the globe are 100% remote. A studyby AT&T found that the hybrid work model is expected to grow to 81% in the next year, which shows that the true potential of remote work is yet to be achieved.

The rise of this new work model has led to the creation of multiple service providers that are striving to streamline remote work by connecting businesses with remote personnel. Within this heap of companies, a new emergent has started to make its mark and has gained prominence in a gradual yet prevalent manner. But who’s this dark horse that’s racing ahead? Let’s find out!

It’s Aspired!

What’s Aspired, you ask? Well, it’s none other than a haven for companies looking to hire and acquire remote tech personnel that not only encompass the skills and talent needed to take your tech projects to the next level but also utilize a robust framework that sets them apart from your average run-off-the-mill development teams.

This framework combines two types of staffing solutions which are Aspired’s extended remote resources and autonomous dedicated delivery teams. Both of these services are backed by the company’s managerial infrastructure, which ensures that these remote resources are pre-managed and vetted to fit your business’s organizational culture and technical requirements perfectly.

But what really sets these remote teams apart from your average run-off-the-mill development team is how they embody Aspired’s core values to deliver the best possible outcomes. To better understand what this means, let’s take a look at what these core values actually are.

Aspired’s Core Values

Both Aspired and its personnel embody five core values, all of which are presented as follows:

Customer Centricity

Aspired’s employees put their specific needs at the forefront of their operations and always work towards exceeding client expectations by employing a customer-centric approach.


Through the company’s two-way channel, these remote teams ensure that clients get complete visibility into all relevant processes while providing industry-standard expertise, both of which drive long-term success.


Aspired’s dedicated resources stay updated with the latest trends and technologies within the digital world, allowing them to create cutting-edge solutions for clients that are scalable, reliable, and future-proof.


Accountability is ingrained within Aspired’s personnel which further extends to their processes and systems, enabling them to ensure high-quality remote solutions along with which they use robust frameworks to mitigate risks, deliver on their promises and establish trust with clients.


Aspired’s teams recognize the importance of creating sustainable relationships with clients while operating in a manner that incorporates social responsibility and environmental consciousness.

But how does Aspired ensure that the talent they’ve acquired aligns with these values? The answer is seven steps that form a simple yet effective talent curation process which we’ll be explaining as follows:

Talent Curation Process

Aspired employs a robust talent curation process to make sure that the personnel it provides are a cut above the rest; this involves the following steps.

Initial Screening: Candidates are screened to ensure they possess the required experience and skills

Technical Assessment: The candidate’s technical abilities are gauged here through a thorough assessment

Personal Interview: After passing the assessment Aspired conducts their interview to assess their cultural fit, work ethic, and communication skills

Skills Matching: After the completion of the interview, the company matches suitable candidates with the relevant clients in accordance with their requirements

Continuous learning: The teams are encouraged to engage in continuous learning while providing relevant opportunities and facilities for training and development to stay updated with the latest tech trends

Mentorship: Aspired’s industry experts mentor its remote talent to assist them in developing their skills and competencies by providing guidance throughout each project

Performance Evaluation: Lastly, Aspired’s remote resources go through timely performance evaluations to assess areas for professional improvement and growth

Benefits of Working with Aspired’s Resources

Working with Aspired’s dedicated remote personnel allows clients to leverage a number of benefits that further add to the value of these skilled and vetted teams; these benefits are provided as follows:

One Hire, 100 Minds

By hiring a single resource, clients benefit from leveraging Aspired’s collective genius consisting of industry leaders and experts that enable project success.

Role Swapping

Clients can maximize efficiency by swapping out team members without any added expense; this can be due to their specific requirements or their need to shift from, let’s say, a UI/UX designer to a front-end developer as the project proceeds.

Transparent Delivery

With direct access to the remote team, clients benefit from the reliability and constant transparency within development activities and processes.

Non-billable Resources

Clients get access to discovery workshops, including SMEs, architects, and experts, at no extra charge, which can result in streamlined planning.

Collective Ownership

The Aspired team takes collective ownership and replaces underperforming roles without hindering project progress and deliverables through effective teamwork.

Going Above and Beyond

Clients benefit from Aspired’s added layers of excellence alongside their remote teams, which include a design review committee and prolific ethical hackers, allowing them to outperform rival businesses.

Experience the Aspired Difference Today!

With a team of highly skilled and talented professionals and numerous benefits to boast of, why wouldn’t Aspired’s remote resources stand out in the crowd? Being an emerging name within the tech world, Aspired has started to garner a substantial number of clients worldwide, showing how we’re revolutionizing the concept of remote hiring by taking away the processes’ details and intricacies and instead providing a one-stop-shop solution for all things remote.

Both aspiring tech businesses and key industry players can leverage Aspired’s remote resources to gain a competitive advantage and leave rival businesses in the dust. So don’t wait now! Instead, experience remote teams done right and take your business to new heights.

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